Sunday, March 18, 2018

Cavalock and The Lulling Onsen Getaway

Coastal resort time! So we braved through the frigid cold and finally planes, trains and automobiled our way to Kokoro No Resort Umi No Bettei Furukawa at Noboribetsu in Hokkaido. The weather was in a constant flux during our stay in Hokkaido as you can see from the a couple of the shots below taken from our room at the resort. I mean, it's always cold but the cloudy and sunny part was always changing.

What a sight! I could get used to chilling at either the cozy hotel lounge (above) or my own room (below) staring at the horizon all day long. Gorgeous views all the way. Hah! We did the whole onsen thing before dinner and that was soooo good. Better still, we have our very own full-fledged massage chair in our room. It really does wonders for your back. Oh, there's even a pair of binoculars in the room. ...The sea view!! To look at the sea view!! Not to peek into another guest's room!!

Dinner in the dining hall downstairs was exquisite. And I like how after such an excellent dinner, us guests would retire to the lounge for dessert, where there's a little centerpiece fireplace keeping the immerse room all toasty warm. Pity that it was rather cloudy that night and I couldn't see any stars.

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