Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cavalock and The Ice Cream Skateboard Reaction

Another extended lunch saw me at 313 Somerset for some dessert. Headed straight to B3 for Maggie Moo's. Strange that all of us knew exactly where it is, even though none of us had ever tried it yet.

That's what I had. A regular serving of Cherry Vanilla Vacation, that's vanilla with brownies, cherries and caramel. Pretty big scoop and here where I seal my reputation as the dessert king of the office, in addition to being the country's first Otacool but I digress.

Finished my cup while everyone else was struggling with his or hers. Heh. Oh, and if anyone was there at bout 2.30pm and saw guy in t-shirt and jeans, with short hair and carrying a big ass skateboard, yah, that's me.

Nah, being the first to finish my ice cream, I was just helping my colleague carry his skateboard while he struggled with his ice cream. <^;^>

They got this in the fridge too for the same price as a regular scoop S$7.90. Anyway, I kinda liked the one I had although not enough for me to have it again. Next time I'll try something else, mix it up my own way. I like vanilla too much to give it up but I might try apple strudel instead. For toppings, I might go for some mini marshmallows, cookie dough, strawberries or blueberries. Anyone knows what mallo creme is?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cavalock and The Food Pix Dilemma

What? No food updates today? Yup, here's why.

Seems like the more I twitter, the less stuff I have to blog. I mean, I know I been posting twitter pix of stuff that I would normally blog about. Honestly I dunno how many people read my stuff or see the twitter pix. So I guess mebbe less food posts and more non-food posts? But more twitter pix on food? I dunno, any suggestions from anyone out there? Well, at least the food twitter pix are more current cos I tend to post them almost immediately after my meal. <^;^>

Oh yah, so I'm really falling deeper and deeper into geekdom here. Finally caved in and brought one of last year's San Diego Comic Con's exclusive action figures. It was first released at the Convention but Takashimaya had Hasbro's black-and-white Captain America for like only S$12 here, after sale discount.

Heh, it's good that I can indulge in stuff like this and honestly say that it's (a small) part of my work.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cavalock and The Zi Char Solution

So after Saturday's restaurant meal$, it was time for some zi-char at Blk 4A Jalan Batu #01-40. First time there but it came very well recommended and looking at the long Q at 6.30pm Sunday, lots of people feel the same way too.

This was my favorite of all the dishes we had. Cheese-flavoured pork! I had no idea how it was gonna taste like so when I took that first bite, it was pleasant surprise. The cheese wasn't overpowering at all and it was just the right amount of cheesiness to compliment each piece of meat. And boneless too!

That's duck in there. Not bad but not much either for a table of six.

And that's your usual chicken below. Of cos there were veggies (too spicy for me), soup and a very delicious fish. It's a pretty good stall and they got another outlet at Toa Payoh, worth a another visit but only if I can get a ride.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cavalock and The Cheating Complex

Saw an article in Friday's papers bout why men cheat. Yah, it's cos of Tiger Woods that our press decided to come up with a lame attempt of a cover story. Now here's something I been telling my friends since all this started. If Tiger was living in Singapore, he would have gotten away with boning every single groupie for sure.

Why? Cos our press and media would never ever report the extramarital affairs of our prominent citizens. It's a fact! I know for sure but hell if I'm gonna be dropping names here. From captains of industries to familiar faces to prominent individuals, at least half of them either have regular one-nite stands with nameless hookers or have long-time mistresses.

Just look at the parking lot of any high-end KTV clubs, the number of big fancy cars clearing shows the class bracket of men getting their feel of China gals. Gawd knows how many deals are sealed with overseas clients in private KTV rooms, seriously. You hear all kinds of other stories, sometimes you even see it with your own eyes but you'll never read about it, not in this country.

So what if you are cheating on your wife, as long as you are bringing in fame and $$$ for the country and don't break the law, you'll get a free pass from the local press and media.

Alright time for some good food recap. Finally found time to drop in at Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery for breakfast.

Had the Sweet Morning Set, that's french toast stuffed with grilled mangos plus vanilla mascarpone, berry compote and the familiar maple syrup. I luv sweet stuff and that is one really sweeeeet breakfast, just the way I like it. For a much better write-up of this as well as more mouth-watering pix, head right to this cool review. Thanks Ice! Only problem was it was a little too little for me. Fortunately I had bout one-fifth of this English Breakfast set to fill me up. Hah, I'm a big breakfast kinda guy. <^;^>

As you can see, not the best iPhone shots. Place was pretty dim, felt like having a candlelit dinner than breakfast. Anyway, if you like flat white, they serve a good one too.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cavalock and The Mac Factor

Made the first big purchase of the year with the 21.5 inch iMac. I seem to be making a habit outta lugging big, heavy gadgets on the train again. And now for better or worse, the apartment is entirely PC-free. A little extra space on the study table now that the big desktop CPU is gone.

Being in the creative/media industry, I been using Macs since day one. Now that doesn't me a Mac expert or anything close but I definitely do see the advantages of using one compared to a PC. But remember, I'm still a gamer so I would love to have a PC for gaming online with the guys. But again, these days I don't have much time for gaming and THE game that most of us are waiting for, Diablo 3, is going to be out on Mac as well. At this point, I just realized most normal people won't know what the hell I'm talking about....<^;^>

As you can see, I haven't forgotten bout my trusty MacBook. It's now my new placemat!

Just kidding! I still use it when I'm on the move or when I'm watching TV in the living room. You know, after all these years, I never knew the British Royal Family had anything to do with Japanese Royal Milk Tea until I saw that packaging. :P

While picking my iMac, I also had dinner at Tompopo. Decided to try the shabu shabu set this time instead of ramen or any fried stuff.

The strips of pork were really juicy and tender. Only prob was the pork came really frozen as in they were pretty much 'glued' or stuck together and tighter than a monkey's nuts. Maybe they should have given them more time to defrost. Ripping them apart kinda ruined the look if you know what I mean.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Cavalock and The Breakfast Corollary

Been pretty busy with work this week but there's always time to discover new stuff at your local supermarket. Spotted these jams from Japan a few days ago during lunch at Liang Court. First time seeing them, are they new?

Well, got those four bottles, almost S$20 for them. The two bigger bottles are pure, creamy honey with black sesame and cinnamon. The honey spread is really, really thick. Spreading them on a bread - not a good idea. Way too sweet. Will be trying them on crackers next I think. Heard that the chocolate and peanut one tastes like Nutella. I like the apple jam cos there's like crunchy bits of apple in it.

Apple jam and Rosemary Ham sandwich! Yap, tastes as good as it looks. <^;^>

Now breakfast wouldn't be complete without some good coffee. These babies came in the mail, the latest limited edition Nespresso Variations capsules. A gift from a London friend. And no, the pix ain't shakey cos I drank one too many cups of espresso. :)

You got Chestnut Cream, Gingerbread and Apricot. Had the Chestnut Cream this morning, very nice.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Cavalock and The Twitter Pix Experiment

Hey wow, looks like I'm a day late but HAPPY NEW YEAR! <^;^>

As I'm typing this on Saturday nite, I got a couple of other windows opened on my MacBook. One is work and the other is Twitter. Dunno if folks reading this know but I got a Twitter running on the right side of this blog and ever since I got my iPhone, I been updating it more than usual.

Well I (finally) figured out how to post my pix on Twitter too so look out for some instant pix from wherever the heck I'll be at that precise moment. Any requests?

Managed to take a break between my writing to have at Suntec City today, look what I saw.

Is this new? I know they sell croc meat, seen that before but think this is the first time I have seen kangaroo meat. Forgot to check the price tag for it. Bet it tastes like chicken. Or maybe a certain Chinese restaurant will pass it off as beef! :P

OK, time to get back to work....