Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Really nice butts"

This is too good to pass up. Continuing the last post on conversations with expats. Here's a gem that I had recently.

White boy: I can't believe the Asian women here have really great asses. Asian women in New York have no butts. But the women here have really nice butts.

Me: Er ... ok, I'm more of a 'face' person actually.

Sorry folks, no photos to go with that one.

So what else did I do today? Well, I played this freakin' music video at least 20 times on YouTube. No shit. The unofficial music video to the latest Die Hard movie. I'm a huge action movie fan especially Die Hard, Bond, Lethal Weapon and Indy. Yah, I did mention it before.
Just listen to the lyrics, the chorus, geez, if you got a husband, boyfriend, brother or anyone who loves the Die Hard movies, just show him the video, it'll sure to be a grin on his face.

Best motherfuckin' music video for the month! Yippee-ki-yay die hard mother fuckers!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

"So where are you from"

There's been some expat traffic coming through the office these last couple of week. Obviously these guys skipped a lesson or two during geography. Some overheard conversations ...

White boy: So you are Chinese, you are from China?

Local: No. I'm Singaporean.

White boy: So your parents are from China?

Local: No, they are from Singapore.

White boy: So where are you from?

White boy: I love oriental food. I'm going to have Indian food tonight.

White boy: I can't tell who's Chinese or Malay. (pointing to Malay girl) Is she Chinese?

Caught Ocean's 13 yesterday, waaaay better than the Spidey and Pirates. Damn, I miss pulling cons. Good times.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Was as vanilla as can be"

Hey guys, check this out! Got this slide show running and figured I'll throw it the Marvel villain collection I mentioned in my last post. Pretty neat, eh?

Now I was tagged by Imp's meme some time ago. So musical flashback coming up. So what the hell was I listening to back when I was 18? I gotta admit, I was at the mercy of the local Top 40 music stations. I remembered listening to my little radio walkman on long bus rides during my army daze. A discman was way too big and heavy so I got me a small radio thingy from Aiwa. Like I said, music wise I was mainstream all way, I was as vanilla as can be. It was mostly late 80s and early 90s’ US Top 40 stuff with a little Brit Top of the Pops thrown in. Nah, you guys don’t need me to write the song titles down, pretty sure you are not that young too. Hah!

Friday, June 08, 2007

"I'm cheap in the morning"

I just realized that when it comes to comfort food. I like the hawker, street stall types the best. My current favourite is the chee chiong fan with the red sauce and lots of sesame seeds (folks in the office would sometimes point out that I have some seeds in my teeth, very unglam!), followed by 2 soft-boiled eggs and cup of tea, all for S$3.80. While my comfort food for dinner is usually a pricy Japanese meal or a nice juicy steak (which I still can't find one near where I work). Yah, I guess you could say I'm cheap in the morning.

All right, time to put on my geek cap. Took some pix of my latest comic-book related acquisitions. Good time to try out the micro feature of this camera. Found these figures a couple of weeks ago in a little comic book shop and blew almost S$100 on all five of them. There are like over 60 figures in the collection and still growing. From the UK, yhey are lead figures, about 5 inches tall, heavy as hell and hand painted. Beautifully sculpted and oh-so detailed!

I was lucky enough to find all 5 figures of Marvel Comics' biggest and baddest villains! You got Doctor Doom, Magneto, Green Goblin, Red Skull and Loki.

Hey, guess where my next stop is gonna be! Hopefully end August...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

"Not as fresh as my knuckle sandwich, would you like one?"

Had Sunday brunch at the much talked-about Pierside Kitchen and Bar. I must say, it's as good as everyone said it would be. Better than the Sunday Brunch I had at Glaze. Ordered the Minute Steak and the French Toast with ice-cream and honey dessert. Pix ain't that clear, it doesn't do justice to it, sorry bout that. The steak was ok, but what made it really great was the red wine sauce that came after I already ate a quarter of it. Hah. It wasn't as crowded as I expected it to be, considering the things I heard about the place. Anyway, good food and good service. Will try the other items on the menu, maybe with more friends.

Now speaking of food, here's an incident I really gotta tell. Was having my comfort food dinner alone on Friday nite (after a hellish week ar work, even had to work on Vesak Day!) at a small but rather well-known Japanese place at a famous landmark hotel. I was seated at the bar eating my sashimi by myself when my big CCO (or is it CEO?) boss came in with his local wife. I don't mean to bitch but almost everyone in the office hates him, for reasons I won't go into here. And his wife asks really loud, "Is your fish fresh?"

WTF?!? You don't go to a top Japanese restaurant and ask if the fish is fresh! Man, if I were the sushi chef, I would have said, "Yes, but not as fresh as my knuckle sandwich, would you like one?"