Saturday, November 29, 2008

'Chip a tooth on that'

Was surfing and found the same shark meat/jelly pork thing I had over at Travelling Hungryboy. He had his in a restaurant, had mine at a hawker centre. I remember there's an stall that sells it at Chinatown Complex.

Also found this! A sushi cake!!! If anyone has time, check out some of my new links. There are some pretty cool ones if you are into pop culture. There'll be more links coming up.

Geez, kinda makes what I had today real boring! Well, it was more or less a repeat performance. I had my shabu-rized pork slices again at Tonkichi, Taka outlet. One unpleasant thing I did learn was that their single ice-cream scoop are pre-scooped into the ice-cream bowl and then frozen! So what you get is a frozen ball of SOLID ICE-cream in a bowl! I swear someone could chip a tooth on that. I dunno if it's like that in all their outlets...

Dinner was back at the Brukwurst Shop. Finally tried their hotdogs. Had the swiss cheese pork sausage, with the usual toppings. Not bad, am still quite full as I had it like 6pm. Of cos I ordered the flat white again, which had me scrambling for the toilet when I got home. Ah come on, like that has never happened to you before. <^;^>

Friday, November 28, 2008

'Me in need of therapy'

Now I wouldn’t say that I been a good little boy and listened to what the doc said I should or shouldn’t be eating but here’s a shot of a ‘good’ dinner. Something from Soup Spoon on the way home from work. Tokyo Chicken soup and Waldorf salad (hey Ice, I didn’t get the Grinder’s coffee). The soup was light and tasty. Good enough for me to clean up the whole Styrofoam bowl. Got some pretty big chicken chunks in there too. I like using old porcelain spoon when drinking all kinds 0f soup, from Chinese herbal to Campbell soups. Anyone still uses them at home?

Awwww man, this time last year I was on my way to Osaka! * shakes fist at Yen exchange rate * yah, I’m still sore that I can’t make it to Japan this year. Humor me folks, while I look and post some of last year’s more interesting Osaka pix. This entry's title refers to one of the pix. Heh.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

'I bought furniture at an anime toy fair!?!'

Bad news folks, with my bad throat and cough I doubt if I'll be eating anything worth mentioning for the next week or so. The doc said no fried stuff, no oily stuff, no chicken, no cold stuff, no coffee (I broke that one after only four days!) no oranges, etc etc. Really, I'm waaaay open to suggestions as to what's left for me. I told myself this would be a good excuse to double up on sushi but so far no chance yet. <^;^>

Managed to make it to the Anime Festival last Sunday and I got me this! Don’t ask. An impulse buy that I don’t regret (yet). You can actually fold it into a neat, flat package. I guess you can use it as a laundry bag or something. I BOUGHT FURNITURE AT AN ANIME TOY FAIR!?! :P What's up with that?!?

Hah, I got lots of other stuff too like my usual figures and MORE figures. Told myself since I won’t be going to Japan (damn you Yen rates!) this year, I might as well blow my budget on figures here at home.

Wanted to go on the first day Saturday but woke up with the WORST headache ever (headache, not hangover!). I couldn’t even make to a wedding lunch that day, slept it off till late afternoon. So I went early Sunday morning instead. Found much later from talking to one of the stallholders, lots of good, cheap bargain stuff went on the first day. Still, I’m pretty happy with my cheap buys.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

'I call it the jelly-pork-and-shark-meat dish'

Finally! Got my hands on a memory card reader for the little phone memory card, now I can post pix that I snap when I'm carrying my camera with me. My phone's a pretty basic Sony model with a simple 2 megapixel camera hence the slightly fuzzy shots.

Saw this on sale at the supermarket. Collegen Water? Are these for real and are they for women? Maybe Dilutedmagnetics can answer this...

This kinda reminds me of the time I was in Japan and I bought this plastic bottle of cold unsweeted green tea from a convenience store. I bought it cos I was thristy (why else?) and the bottle had a 'studded' kinda shape, plus it looked different and interesting. It was only much later that I was told that it's a lady's slimming tea drink.

Here's another 2 megapixel shot of one of my favourite local dish and I don't even know its 'real' name! I used to have it when I was a kid. Nowadays I just call it the jelly-pork-and-shark-meat dish. ...Er...yah, that's basically what it is, I think. You are looking at S$5 worth of it from Jalan Besar Food Centre.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

'Started with an alien babe named Lum'

Found something at China Square last week that was really cool, brought back some memories of my first coupla English manga. Little Gashapon figurines of characters by Japanese female cartoonist Rumiko Takahashi.

Back then, English manga reprints were the same size and shape as the American comics. These days, the English manga reprints are more like the smaller novel size as the original Japanese copies.

Anyway, Rumiko Takahashi’s comics are usually the romantic comedy variety, with a fair bit of action thrown in. Started with an alien babe named Lum, a comedy bout an alien princess and her horny earthling boyfriend, remember laughing out loud to it. Hey, I was young then, lotsa stuff made me laugh back then! Followed with Ranma ½, another romantic comedy.

The last manga that I read, that I really liked was of cos, Yotsuba!.  

BTW, posted this entry on Danny Choo and looks like its got quite a lot of responses! 

Thursday, November 20, 2008

'Cavalock finally meets Danny Choo'

Had a pleasant Wednesday filled with some cool stuff. Took the day off from work to attend Danny Choo’s Internet workshop. Yup, Cavalock finally meets Danny Choo. He was one of the speakers at Promex BDA Asia. I tried to get my agency to send me to the 2-day conference but I think the almost one grand price tag kinda killed the deal. Hah!

Anyway, I left the apartment early, took a bus and train to Bishan Library, was lucky enough to find a coupla new comic books there. Hopped back on the train to Orchard for the workshop and also a very fast lunch at one of my favourite Japanese joints there, Shimbashi Soba at Paragon. Cold soba with duck slices and an egg for bout S$20.80. You gotta mix it all up real good to enjoy it!

Some pix of the workshop. Look for some sporadic changes when I find the time to try out some of the stuff he talked about.

Danny the presenter.

Danny meets the fans.

Danny belts out a tune.

Danny with an itch.

Yah, I know. They ain't the best shots around. But you can find and read more bout the workshop at some of these cool sites. I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting some of the other bloggers too.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

'Shabu-rized pork loin slices for me'

Been kinda slow with any updates this week, partly cos I been recovering from a bad throat which means boring food for me while at work. Well, more boring than usual.

Luckily weekend food was different. Found out that Tonkichi at Suntec was having a 20% off pretty much everything from the menu till end of November I think. Now how could I say 'no' to that?

None of their deep-fried specialities for me. Had the shabu-rized pork loin slices for me, meaning there was no hot pot for you to boil them, it's already boiled when they serve it to you.

Was great specially with the seasame sauce that comes with it. Only problem was it was a little too little for me. Not a very big serving if you ask me.

Anyway, it was real busy week. Was back at the office almost the whole day on Saturday (BTW, I actually typed 'Satyrday' a second ago! hmmmmm....and I wasn't even horny). Needed some retail therapy. Ended up spending about S$50 on a whole bunch of Gashapon and other anime stuff!

This one's pretty neat. You put the figures and display cases together yourself and you can stack them up or place them next to each other. Whole set for only S$29.

Here's a nice gift I got from Duty Free (No, I didn't leave the country). New coffee flavour! Looks like Yotsuba! doesn't approve of my daily morning intakes.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

'Only two straight men at the musical'

Well, I got to watch the eagerly-awaited Avenue Q with my friend Matt and I swear to Gawd we were like, the only two straight men at the musical. Rather, we were the only two straight guys who weren't with a female date at the theatre. BTW, my friend is married with a kid. I told him, if we were seen staring at any of the hot-looking women here, they'll probably think we were scrutinizing their outfits instead. Hah!

Anyway, it was a great musical and it really reminded me of the time when I was laughing to myself while listening to the soundtrack in the office.

Now whenever Matt and I got together crazy hijinks are ensured!  Ok, mebbe that link doesn't show how crazy things can be but once we were at the IT and this happened

So he picked me up at my place in the afternoon before we headed to Lau Pa Sat for lunch. You know, after so many times eating there, I can never find anything good at that place. But we did see some people filming something there. They appeared to be all ang-mohs.

After that we went for a drive, got lost and ended up at some really weird places...

Ok, we were really at the Singapore Biennale. Pretty surreal huh?

But we did get lost, missed an exit trying to get to Leisure Park and couldn't find a U-turn till we reached Katong! Hah, we did an illegal U-turn at the end! Later we got to the Esplanade at bout 7pm, just enough time to grab dinner before the show. First time at that hawker gourmet row of stalls, I forgot the official name. I avoided any fried stuff but almost everything there was fried. Finally settled on a mini-steamboat for S$10. No big deal, fortunately I wasn't that fussy, just wanted something quick and simple before the show.  

Saturday, November 08, 2008

'My Christmas shopping early'

Decided to do my bit to pick up the economy by doing my Christmas shopping early last nite.

Got it at Tangs for S$699 and it's not for me. It was on offer and I was afraid if I don't get it now, the price would go back up again. Wanted to ask them to gift wrap it but figured naaahhh. 

Now believe me, it ain't no joke lugging it on a Friday nite all by myself through the train station! Damn, I feel old, haven't been to Orchard Road on a Friday nite for ages, it's so crowded! And no, I won't be adding this to my budget listings, something like this would blow half my entire budget for the month. 

So it's a Saturday morning now and I'm home alone watching a Frasier rerun on cable as I'm typing this. Will be catching Ave Q tonite. See wat pix I have later. 

Oh yah, managed to finally catch the first episode of award-winning TV series Mad Men earlier this week. Hmmm...what can I say, it may not be the 1960s when I joined the industry here, but yah, I have seen and committed my fair share of 'stuff', especially my Four Rules to Life

Also caught the 11-episode Anime series on Animax cable, Ayakashi - Samurai Horror Tales, which is a collection of three classic Japanese horror/supernatural stories.  

Sunday, November 02, 2008

'What would Oprah do?'

Well, after 3 great sandwich meals, knew there had to be a bad one round the corner somewhere. That dubious honour goes to O’brien’s Irish Sandwich Bar. Gawd, the chicken and bacon triple-decker sandwich was just plain bad, very little meat and tasteless. And it was like over S$9, almost S$10 for that kinda monkey crap! That’s like, almost twice the price for a good sandwich at you-know-where! My colleague said the reason why it was so expensive was cos they had to pay the ang-moh who was serving behind the counter. Hah!

Was also at Ikea on Saturday. Is it just me or does the café coffee taste bad too? I know they used to serve Suzuki Coffee (or was it UCC?) cos I remember seeing them fill up the coffee machine with a Japanese brand a couple years ago. Think its some nameless brand now? 

Did some NTUC supermarketing too. Wanted to boil some edamame again but saw their frozen packs were from China and I figured maybe not just yet! The edamame at Cold Storage is pretty expensive, over S$6 for a 400g frozen pack but it’s from Japan. What would Oprah do?

Recruited some new models at S$25 for 4, for the latest Ladies' Drinks photo shoot. Here's one of them.