Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Me & Edamame

Here’s another feeble attempt to turn this little blog into a food blog which was what I originally intended it to be.

Here’s what I sometimes whip up in flash whenever I have to buy me dinner back home. No time to cook so it’s make some of my favourite Japanese edamame. Quick to prepare and nutritious too! After a freaking day at work, who has the bloody time to prepare anything more complicated? Does anyone have any quickie suggestions? Anyway, I had them with me Hokkien mee last nite.

Just heat them up and once the water starts to boil and they start to float up, they are done.

Drain them and add a pinch of salt for taste. There you go, edamame for one!

Some other food stuff I noticed. Royce has brought in a new flavour. Grand Mariner! To be honest, I can’t really taste it. Almost like their regular choc one. The Ben and Jerry’s ice cream stick I got at Carrefour last week….well, it’s now $4.20 for one instead of $4.70 for three! So did someone screw up and tagged the wrong price last week or was I just lucky? Compared to Haagen Dass’ stick ice cream, that should be the regular price and it’s not such a small stick after all.


Passerby A said...

I love Royce chocs! Is that one whole box of Royce for yourself? Have fun!

Richard said...

I cook for the whole week and just eat the same base meal all week (a sort of stew). I just vary the accompaniment.

While this works when I'm living solo in Ottawa, it doesn't work so well when I'm back with the family in Montreal - they insist on variety.

imp said...

cook pasta sauce?? then you only need to heat up and add on pasta.

egg mayo sandwiches?

what a big price difference!!! you were lucky anyway to have bought it already!!

M. said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Is your friend going to attend UFM for a diploma or just a short-term course? Frankly, I have not considered UFM myself but this could be interesting.

Prince Romp said...

Try chop chye.

abit onion, ginger, garlic..
stir fry with lil bit sesame oil add abit oyster sauce,white pepper light soya sauce...add abit water then add 1 teaspoon of corn flour..

oh can add some shrimp and squid..
baby carrot, cauli flower and kailan.. and ready to eat.

good luck.

Kay said...

You can always try Maggi's instant porridge with a variety of flavors...there's chicken, fish, duck,abalone and prawn..

It takes less than 10mins...but mind the MSG.

Or there's also ready to cook paste of laksa, curry, tom yam, mee rebus...etc..they all takes less than half an hour...

U just hv to add ur own choice of meat...

Or you can come over my place to eat...hee

Cavalock said...

thanks for all the suggestions! Will try something when I have time (and energy!!) after work. Might shop for some of the ingredients next weekend.

M. said...

I really don't have a way to make my so-called "fluffy omelette". I beat the egg with a bit of soy sauce until the whites are integrated with the yellow yolk. All this while, I heat up a non-stick omelette (small, 3.5" diameter) pan. Then I put a bit of oil or butter (essential!) although it's a non-stick pan, then pour in the egg and let it set. Then flip it over and cook through. Always results in a rather fluffy omelette. Good luck :)

Dawn said...

What I like with Edamame - get some miso stock (they come in half or 1 kg bags), throw in the edmame, egg and basically whatever you have in your fridge. I like to toss in peanuts and udon sometimes. Quick, yummy and nutritous.