Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Cavalock and The Gnocchi Reunion

Cicheti down the road from my place was my go-to place for great gnocchi. So when we heard that they opened Club Cicheti along Keong Saik Road, we made our reservations and of cos, the first thing I ordered was their gnocchi... again. In my defence, it has been at least over a year since I had good gnocchi. It was still as good as I remembered it to be but I think the sauce here is different. Kinda heavier I thought.

Well, I did ordered something new and different! The above big glorious slab of beef tongue! Oh, it's so good. Highlight of the night for us. Better than the entire bottle of wine that the Baker-at-Home and me finished in less than an hour.  

Some new pix from Garden by the Bay me 85-year-old Dad took a couple weeks ago. He took a whole buncha pix from places like Chinese Garden and Pasir Ris. Hope to post them later too.

Well, last month I got an email from Getty Images that some of me Dad's pix taken several years ago are now part of their immerse photo catalog. I remember when I was working in agencies, we used to buy pix from them pretty often.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Cavalock and The Kit-Kat Flavour Appropriation

The highlight of every trip across the border has always been the street food. This latest venture to Kuala Lumpur saw us hunting for Peter's Pork Noodles in Brickfields. It's regarded as one of the best pork noodles in the city. Kinda funny that some of the yummiest pork dishes in the region are found in a country like Malaysia. Anyway the Baker-at-Home did her research and we found ourselves having lunch that Friday afternoon in an old school hawker centre.

Every slurp, every bite. Generous servings of pork and greens. Worth the air ticket to KL for sure. Safe to say, best pork noodles both of us ever had, back home and in Malaysia. I wish there were more innards in my bowl. We just ordered 'the usual'. Wasn't sure there was an option for more innards. And of cos, my fav three-layered tea to wash it all down.

Now this has become kinda like the Tokyo Banana of Malaysia. I'm of cos referring to the Malaysian Kit-Kat flavours folks here are buying back in bulk. The cheap must-buy snack out of Malaysia kinda like Tokyo Banana if you are a first time visitor to Tokyo. Yes, we bought some Malaysian Kit-Kat too, just for the novelty of it all. I ain't no Kit-Kat connoisseur and if it was a blind taste test, I couldn't tell if it was Ice Kacang or not. I mean it tasted alright like all Kit-Kats but if you asked the flavour, I just couldn't say that it was Ice Kacang.

Monday, October 08, 2018

Cavalock and The Kuala Lumpur Quickie

Hah! Slipped across the border for the shortest of short vacations last month in Kuala Lumpur. The Baker-at-Home and I wanted a change in scenery so its been like a year since we crossed the border. As always, one can never be disappointed with the food in Malaysia. First night saw us having dinner at the popular Tiffin's Thai at Mid Valley Mall.

Don't know much bout where the good Thai joints are in Kuala Lumpur but Tiffin's Thai is pretty damn good. That grilled pork neck was pure oink heaven. No geek would head to Mid Valley and not drop by their Comic Mart shop. The last time I was there, I picked up a couple of Warhammer miniatures for a decent price. Nothing really caught my eye this time and I also told myself I already have a ton of unpainted miniatures back home waiting for me. Really enjoyed ogling at their beautifully painted display miniatures.