Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Cavalock and The Basement Brothel Beef Bounty

Before leaving Singapore, the Baker-at-Home made a couple of London dinner reservations. One of them was at a meat joint in London Soho called Blacklock. The little dimly-lit dive is actually the basement of a former brothel. Yah, I just had to bring that up. Anyway it was pretty packed on a weekday night when we were there and the place ain't that big either. So I guess you could say it's a cosy yet noisy place. Heh, they were playing some retro music that night too so yah, no complaints bout their playlist.

Took us as while to order as that menu required some deciphering. Settled on the prime rib from one that we assumed to be on a "natural grass fed diet" just as advertised. Nice and rather generously salted but a little dry cos I mean this ain't Wagyu beef so don't go expecting all them marbling or fat. Loved them side order of roasted sweet potato too, just wish there were more than just those two slices. We saw the table next to us having the skinny pork chops. Those looked good.

Took a wonderful morning stroll down Covent Garden. Weather was a wee bit chilly maintaining at around 15 degrees, fortunately not as cold as our Hokkaido trip earlier this year. So it's just jackets on all the way. The little Convent Garden shops were all so inviting, wish we had time to enter every one of them. All the more reason to plan another trip to London again I guess.

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