Saturday, November 03, 2018

Cavalock and The Borough Market Reunion

Just like how I must pay my pilgrimage to Warhammer World (more on that in an upcoming post) now that we are in the U.K., visiting London's famous Borough Market is a definite must for the Baker-at-Home and, well, me too actually. Wasn't our first time there but I think we can safely discount that initial visit eight years ago cos we were a little too, inexperienced to fully appreciate the culinary showcase of fresh and natural ingredients before us.

This latest Saturday morning visit we just went crazy and bought enough food like comte cheese, spices, cured meat, truffles etc. to fill a suitcase. No matter how crowded the Market was, the Baker-at-Home would often spend 15 to 20 minutes chatting with the shopkeepers bout the best way to use the ingredients or whatever she's buying. Sometimes such interaction would result in freebies like when the butcher gave us a packet of iberico fat. She even started telling us how best to prepare fries with it when the Baker-at-Home said she didn't know how to use it.

And all that was just Day One at Borough Market. Yah, we had our hands and shopping bags full by noon on the first day. Next post is gonna be how we kept our bellies full on Day Two. <^;^>

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