Friday, November 30, 2007

"You are paying me in book vouchers?!?"

Last Tuesday was my last day at work and here are the farewell gifts that I got. Hmmm...yah, the flowers was a kinda gag gift that we gave to both guys and gals leaving the place, so it was my turn to walk home with a bouquet this time. We also had a pretty good dim sum lunch that day. They also got some brownies and blueberry cheesecake ice-cream to go with it, and book vouchers from Kinokuniya. So right now, let me geek out with some pix of them.


"Guess what I'm having my morning cereal with."

"Here is your fee, Boba Fett."

"You are paying me in book vouchers?!?"

"Sentinel detects giant mutant flower."


B said...

Nothing shows appreciation like book vouchers, eh?! :) I love the action figures in the shots. My favorite is the brownie one!!

Anonymous said...

woow it shows ur popularity in the office. how sweet!!
love that sunflower and starwars figures :)
i think i won't get any farewell gift when i quit working.
hope u have a happy weekend cavalock!!
take care.

Richard said...

Great pics!

When I left my last job, I got $200 in book gift certificates.

PinkHippo said...

Flowers, ... I have not been receiving flowers for a long long time...

imp said...

ooh! your colleagues know your love for comics/graphic novels? very cute figurines!

Anonymous_X said...

The sentinel one is sinisterly funny. *grin*

Cavalock said...

hey guys, I'm back! will tell u all where in my next post! well, the toy figures are actually from my collection. I just decided to pose them next to the gifts. ;)

b: wait till u see the guy figure, its even cuter!

niki: i'm sure yr office pple loves u!

richard: mine was $135. hah

pinkhippo: i think this was my first time getting flowers...

imp: well, they know my luv for porn too, u should hv seen what they got me for my birthday last year. ;)

x: hey, Kino has Black Dossier! damn, i just ordered mine from Amazon 2 weeks ago. ;(

Anonymous said...

oh noo lol
i have many enemies. they say im selfish. hehe..
which book did u buy at kinokuniya??