Saturday, March 31, 2007

"Kinda like Trump's hair(piece) on a cupcake"

Woo hoo! I'm back to blogging bout food! Remember the cupcake mix gift I got from Boston? Well, finally found some time and help baking them just now. Was reading the tube and apparently it's from some famous cupcake bakery from Beverly Hills. Simple enough instructions were found inside the container. There you see the mix from the tube, and it's enough for a dozen cupcakes. And right here you have the new digital weighing machine, first time in action.

Anyway, popped them in the oven while doing the frosting. All right, while topping the frosting, I realised that I totally suck at it! They had this nice photo of a cupcake on the container and it really looked nice and smooth. I used a butter spread and mine all looked like it had some weird comb over or something. Slapped across and pasted on them. Kinda like Trump's hair(piece) on a cupcake.

The chocolate frosting tasted great! The cupcake was a tiny little bit too flaky for me but the whole cupcake was pretty decent. Not sure if it's anything like the original in Beverly Hills but I'm fine with it.

Oh, check out this cool cupcake stand I saw while I was buying my baking tray. I believe it can hold 38 mutherloving cupcakes!


Anonymous said...

super shot!!!!
oh looking really yummy after frosting :)
can i have one??

Coffee Fairy v1 said...

"like trump's hair on a cupcake" --i love the metaphor! ;)
those cupcakes you made look yummy..

Anonymous said...

sprinkles! that's the brand of the famous cupcakes from LA. Yours are not bad; look like the real thing.

Cavalock said...

Niki: Hah! If only you were here! The frosting was the best part. I hope to visit Tokyo Midtown during my next trip to your country.

Coffee fairy: thanks! I still need practice doing the frosting.

Anonymous: Yup, that’s the brand. U sure it looks like the real thing? Cos there’s a pix of the cupcake on the tube n the frosting looks sooooo much smoother and neater. haha

Ally said...

they look like boobies.....
hahaha but loooks yummy though.... is it weird i still think they're yummy even though i just said they look like boobies!?

imp said...

i'm floored. completely impressed! u can bake!!!!!

Cavalock said...

Queen: I (heart) boobies.

Imp: hah, thanks. I’m more impressed with all those full coarse meals yr guy can do!

B said...

yes...again, i'm on a cupcake streak and so i was really excited to see this second post! i dig the cupcake stand. we really need that for my family there are so many of us!