Sunday, March 11, 2007

"The one with Moses in it"

So I was mopping the apartment the other nite and watching the movie soundtrack channel at the same time. Yah, I was doing the whole mop-is-my-microphone gig too. Then came the instrumental piece from The Planet of the Apes, the Tim Burton's remake.

It was a heavy piece and had the apes running, leaping about, hunting down the humans. The make-up and SFX were fantastic, I know they were nominated but can't remember if they won an Oscar. Looking at them, I'm immediately reminded of the original version, the one with Moses in it. I saw that on TV when I was like about 10 years old, I think. And I was completely and majorly freaked out by the apes! Those mean talking apes, beating up the humans really spooked me as a kid. For a kid my age, they look waaaay too real for comfort! And I'm a huge sci-fi, fantasy movie fan. I mean, I'm used to watching ghosts, aliens and monsters on TV and in the movies, I love them but ... geez ... those damn apes were in a class of their own.

The other soundtrack video that came on a little later was this. "Old habits die hard" by Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart from the movie 'Alfie'. I love that song. Now this is the song that I did the microphone/mop routine! I could really relate to the lyrics and all. No, I sure as hell don't look anything like Jude Law at all, but there was a time when I would find myself going through one relationship after another ... er ... I may have said too much already.

Anyway, some pretty neat additions to the household. Gifts from halfway across the world.


Anonymous said...

who sent u those gifts??
looking very nice!!
oh i cant watch that series of ape movies lol
didnt know moses was in it...
yeah they looked way tooo weird when we were small.
thanks and good nite cavachan!!

Cavalock said...

niki: i meant charlton heston, the actor famous for playing Moses in the Ten Commandants was the human guy in the original Planet of the Apes.

Richard said...

Technically, the new Planet of the Apes is far superior to the original. But, yeah, as a kid, I thought those masks were awesome.

Story wise, I think the original had the better ending.

Cavalock said...

Richard: Yup, definitely. The ending to the original is much better.

B said...

Sadly, I don't think I have ever seen Planet of the Apes. Maybe that doesn't surprise you though! :)

I love being surprised by music I haven't heard in awhile. Lately, the Beastie Boys have been coming on the radio in the car and I find myself cranking up the volume for it. Reminds me of my freshman year of college. Good times. Never fails to get me fired up!

Great gifts, by the way! Do we get any details on how you rate, as to receive such great gifts from across the globe? :)

Ally said...

the cupcake mix looks nice to use!

Cavalock said...

b: how do i rate? am just a regular guy.

imp: yah, i intend to make them one of these days.