Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hot In The CIty

Hey, I'm back! Is it just me or is the weather really, really hot these last couple of days ... just out of the shower and I'm already sweating. Geez, I don't know about you guys but I say we could really use some of these, just like in Japan.


Richard said...

Actually, the weather has been quite nice lately. Sunny and not too hot.

Have no idea what those are pictures of.

Cavalock said...

hah! The first pix is a couple of vending machines, drinks and ice-cream. The other is just a pretty cool dessert shop.

Wait till u see the Trek stuff i got from Japan!

Richard said...

I hope it is either the O=original series or Enterprise stuff - I never really like the other Star Trek spinoffs (ST:TNG was the worst - but Voyager came a close second, it improved once they got rid of Kes. The ones featuring 7-of-9 or the doctor tended to be the best, those featuring Harry Kim were always awful).

ghee said...

yeah,yeah!! I love these vending machines!!

but when you go out with your children,be sure you wont run out of coins in your pocket :)

B said...

Singapore is always pretty hot, isn't it Cavalock? My friend lives there now and I am hoping to fly out to visit him in the fall sometime. He said the weather is always hot, just to varying degrees.

I will definitely be seeking out those icy beverage machines if I make it out there!

Cavalock said...

hi all

richard: c'mon, u gotta admit, without TNG, ST would have died long ago. TNG brought back the franchise and a whole new generation of fans.

ghee: i love the toy vending machines more!

breal: u r right. it's always hot here! but those vending machines pix r from japan, not here.

B said...

ah, i apologize for the oversight on my part! you clearly mentioned japan in your post...maybe the heat over there is getting to me here?!?! :-)