Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Things Not To Talk About On A First Date

Ah, looks like this is a good time to geek out. Pretty damn sure I’m not going to get much comments here, if any at all. Hehe…but that’s cool.

Some really geeky stuff (aka things you DON’T want to talk about on a first date) that I’m currently overloading on…

Been back to reading Batman comic book series again. Picking it up cos its written by Grant Morrison with art by Andy Kurbert. One of the best and most surrealist comic book writers in the biz today, Morrison has taken Bats back to his roots. After the events in the Infinite Crisis storyline, the entire DC universe has been rebooted. DC’s holy trinity Bats, Superman and Wonder Woman are back in the main spotlight. Written the way they should be! The current Superman titles have already been getting rave reviews. The last Batman story arc One Year Later with the return of Gordon as everybody’s favorite Commish and Two-Face as the villain was great too. Great ending with Bruce Wayne officially/legally adopting Tim Drake (3rd Robin) as a son. Dick Grayson (1st Robin) was only his ward.

By the way, the new Wonder Woman comic book is written by Allan Heinberg, the television writer and producer, on shows like The O.C. and Grey's Anatomy. He’s also the writer on Marvel’s Young Avengers comic book and that’s already a certified sales hit.

Oh yah, there’s another Kinokuniya book sale this weekend. Will finally pick up the best-selling The Astonishing X-Men Vol.1 hardcover written by Joss Whedon, producer and writer of Buffy, Angel and Firefly TV shows.

Still on the super hero bandwagon, got back to collecting the new Marvel Heroclix figures from the latest Sinister Expansion. Although I don’t play the game, I sure as hell enjoy collecting them. They not cheap either as it’s a tikam situation to guess what figures are in each box but damn, those little critters are just so irresistibly detailed!

Ah crap, there goes my original plan to make this a food blog again….and I haven’t even gotten to yakking about me World of Warcraft character….yet.


Unknown said...

hmmm... do not quite get it... why are these "things not to talk about on a first date"?

imho, defintely charming... you know... then again, guess i am too odd for my own good...

by the way, i am hitting the kino sale too! yea! (";)

Cavalock said...

Oh, trust me, the last time a girl wants to hear on a first date is the guy geeking out with stuff like comics and games. I think most (ok maybe not all) Singaporean women prefer guys who know stuff like stock market (proves he’s rich), golf (shows he hangs around with other rich people) and big, fast cars (he’s sooo rich). Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I don’t know anything at all about those three subjects.

Unknown said...

swell... with that, you have just confirmed what i suspected all along... me-is-confirmed-abnormal. ;p

shoot! i know nutz about the stock market [duh! how to lap in all that talk now? hmmm...], dislike golf-ing [the only hole-in-one i know is when melman -- that's me dog -- is in one of those i-chew-everything-in-sight rampages].

as for big, fast cars? this is a classic:

lightning mcqueen: i'm a precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics.
mater: you hurt your what?

yea! cars -- ah... betcha you missed it! ;)

Cavalock said...

It’s more like most Singaporean women prefer guys to talk about those things, doesn’t matter if they (the women) know anything bout them (the topics, not the guys) or not. To a woman, it shows that the guy (a good catch) is rich cos he indulges in all these things, moves in the right social circles etc. They like that, I guess.

Now remember, I said MOST women, not all.

But for a guy to talk all about comic books and games on a very first date? I’m willing to bet my entire comic book collection (and they are some goodies in there) that it’s a definite and immediate turn-off for ALL women out there.* Admit it! Hehe….

* Does not apply if said couple met at a comic book store/convention or online comic book forum.

Anonymous said...

golf, stock markets and cars BORE me to tears. talk to me about something i DON'T KNOW.

Richard said...

I won't pretend to know what girls like to talk about, but they do like to communication - active listening.

Talk about feelings, not things. A very good friend of mine (HK girl) once complained to me that she does not like guys who can't talk about feelings, who can't enjoy a sunset.

Of course, you also have to know when to shut up. Women seem to also just enjoy the company. For me, not talking is hard, because I am very bad at reading people's body language - unless I am engaged in dialogue, I have no idea what is going on with the other person. Manifested itself one day with a friend of mine (Japanese girl) asking me, "Don't you ever stop talking?"

It is true that guys and girls like to talk about different things and finding someone to have a decent conversation with is hard - often they are very one dimensional. Although, sometimes you get lucky and find someone who covers similar interests as you. I had one friend who was very into science and philosophy, we had many good conversations. A real mind blowing experience was when we were discussing the rotational velocity of the Earth. Neither of us could remember the figure off hand, so she proceeded to estimate it from first principles (diameter of the Earth, speed of rotation). Can you say wow! You might expect a guy to do that, but a girl? Not really.

B said...

I think we all have that personal passion for something that we fear will bore/annoy someone to death on a first date. The exception to this being the utterly boring and shallow first date...you know...the guy/girl that has no interests or personality. Haven't we all had some of those?!

I personally love philosophical/sociological conversations but as an anonymous commenter once told me on my blog, "graduate students of rhetoric can be both really smart and really annoying." As Richard said in the previous comment here, it is much more difficult than one might think to find someone that is continuously able to engage in stimulating conversation. And there definitely has to be a balance. I don't want to talk about serious and intellectual things all the time. I want to laugh and be goofy sometimes too. And I definitely don't want someone just like me (with the same beliefs, all the same interests, etc.)...how boring would that be?

Now, with all of that said, as a 29 year old single female...I hate pretentious conversations with men. Great...you have a good job and you aren't some lazy slob with no money. I appreciate hardworking men that are financially secure. But I don't want to hear about it. Cars don't impress me much anymore. And golf has to be the most self-torturous sport ever...so any guy that is obsessed with golf scares me!!! Anyone that has to talk about those things has insecurity issues. And the women that may be impressed with said topics...are rather shallow in my opinion.

Be yourself. Yeah, maybe hold off on the long narrative about comics and games on a first date. But don't betray yourself completely. I struggle with this same thing...and we aren't the only ones...so obviously it is a delicate dance.