Sunday, April 02, 2006

Friday Nite Drinks

Just for the record, it was...

1 vodka Rebina
2 glasses of red wine
1 Tequila pop
1 Tequila shot
1 Sex on the Beach
1 lychee martini
1 vodka orange

...that more or less did me in on Friday nite. Nope, I wasn't that drunk although I sure felt like throwing up in the cab but I didn't.

Oh, and in keeping with today's alcohol theme, here's another Tokyo pix I took. Thought it was pretty funny at that moment. Geddit? Heartland?....well, it's a local thing.


imp said...

eiowwww. you mixed your drinks! + tequila!!! ugh. a wonder u got home without puking!

Kay said...

Well, well, well...there goes the bad boy...letting everything loose...

How was ur morning?? Feel like a big rock or a sumo wrestler sitting on ur head...hee

Cavalock said...

well, it was one-for-one for media folks at The Wine Bar on Friday nites. Believe it or not, there's actually a little story behind every one of those drinks and how I ended up with drinking each one of them! heh...maybe I should have written about them.

Passerby A said...

I would have been drunk 10 tens over. Good on you!

sesame said...

Aiyoh, mixing your drinks is a disaster! So many different types! Tsk tsk. But you missed out beer. Probably would have puked if you had one beer there. Try it next time and see how k? ;)