Sunday, April 09, 2006

A De-stressing Weekend

It's been a pretty exhausting week at work cos of this regional project I'm on. Next week is gonna be worse I think. Needed to de-stress so was online playing World of Warcraft last couple of days (and of cos nites). Anyway, still had to run errands and do me weekly groceries, managed to find something new at Cold Storage Centrepoint. New Fresh n Fruity Yoghurt flavours...Creamy Latte, Vanilla & Hazelnut and Banana Caramel. I just had the Banana Caramel. A little disappoined cos I expected to find banana bits in there but there were none. I mean, other fruit yoghurt do put fruity bits in theirs.

Oh yah, the DIY Jello-Cheesecake Dessert I mentioned before, can now be found at Cold Storage Centrepoint. No Oreos yet. You know, maybe I ought to do this supermarket entry every week or something. New stuff spotted kinda thing. A little boring maybe but what else could I talk that's er...printable?...I guess I still can't decide how personal I want this whole blog thing to be.

Hey look, here's another funny sign I spotted at Jalan Besar. You know, it's always good to know your strong points and emphasize them really, really loud.

Aw crap! Just remembered I gotta do me taxes later....


Prince Romp said...

The sign indicates 'guarantee no lousy fish'..

It should be 'guarantee no lousy chef' instead.

Are you still a single man?
You need a companion to do all your groceries then..

Wanna me intro you One or two? hart feelin' bro.

Passerby A said...

The smaller sign inside the shop's quite cute too: Hi-5 Nasi Lemak??????

Cavalock said...

Before I forget I gotta say that Fresh n Fruity yog sucks! Thought the banana caramel wasn’t that great, then I tried the Latte….aww man, that’s just normal yog with some regular coffee flavour mixed in…just awful. Bad buy of the week!

Prince R: heh…I pretty much suck at relationships, too much of a cad (a future Secret Origins entry will shed more light on that topic)…n am pretty contented with where I am right now, for now at least….hah

Diva: yah, u r sharp! Don’t ask how it is cos I have never tried it…

Kay said...

I've never liked yogurt, be it of original taste or wif fruits...

Hv to agree wig PR, shd be no lousy chef...a gd chef can make a lousy fish taste gd...harhar

Nah..I think wat cavalock needs rite now is a nanny to look after him...:'wink'

Richard said...

Advertising 101, always state your strengths in a positive way: Freshest Fish, Premium Fish, Quality Fish, etc.

Always state your competitors strengths negatively: No Stale Bread, No Unlicensed Butcher’s, etc.

The reason being that the human brain automatically ignores the negating No and instead hears: Stale Bread, Unlicensed Butcher’s, etc.