Tuesday, February 14, 2006

MRT Rabbit Hunting!

Well, what do you know, it's Tuesday night and that means no WOW for me. Which also means its time for me to share a little something I saw the other day which I thought was pretty damn funny, in a freaky dark twisted sort of way...I think....

What we have here is a public service safety first at the MRT Station. The first thing that caught my eye was the guy carrying a pitchfork. A happy, smiling guy with a pitchfork. I don't know bout you guys but to me, a happy guy with a big pitchfork in a safety first ad is just about one of the funniest things around.

Now at first glance, I'm saying to myself "What the hell is a guy with a pitchfork doing in the MRT?"...then I saw the rabbit! I was like, "There's a rabbit in the MRT?!? He's hunting for rabbits?!" Then I saw the copy at the bottom left.

Yes, thank you. I will have a safe trip now knowing that the MRT is safe from dangerous wild rabbits. Thanks to Mr. Pitchfork Guy!

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