Sunday, February 12, 2006

Say Cheese

A little break from World of Warcraft saw me helping out in the making of this Yogurt Cheesecake. Well, I only did steps 3 and 5....haha!

Feeling kinda sick actually. Throat and nose a little busted. Could it be the late nite gaming? Speaking of gaming, another week without placing a single soccer bet. Yay for me!


Passerby A said...

Wah... must ask my brother to read your blog leh. He is addicted to WOW.

Cavalock said...

hi there Diva! Nah, i'm just starting out in the game. Bet your brother is a pretty high level character by now!

I'm trying to stay off betting, Catherine. haha. I'm faaaaaaar from being a good at baking. Always need help one.

Passerby A said...

Yah, he plays so much and is like, making a living out of it. Donch know how he does it. He starts playing about 8pm (after work) until about 3-4am, sleeps a couple of hours and then goes to work. Everyday is like that.