Friday, February 17, 2006

Dream County

Whoa! Now I know I really been playing too much WOW. Started to dream bout the game last nite. Anyway, speaking bout dreams, I love to dream at nite. But it seems like, the older I am, the less dreams I have. Used to be like non-stop dreaming for 3 or 4 nites then no dreams for bout a week, then back to more cool dreams.

Now the reason I love dreaming is cos most of my dreams (or at least the ones I remember after waking up) are like mini-action movies! They are either some sci-fi or fantasy series where I’m someone else. Or just plain weird in a non-nightmarish way.

Wanna know how weird? Once I dreamt I was a Disney duck! Just like Donald but not him. I was a door-to-door salesman or duck and selling kitchen appliances. And I went up to a house and Donald’s nephews answered the door. How’s that for weird?

In separate dreams over the years….I was an Allied soldier posing as a Nazi officer during WWII. Did a shootout in the Old West. On board the Starship Enterprise while it was being fired upon. Kissed a beautiful blue half-fish, half-woman creature (not a mermaid). Was a butt-naked werewolf with really cool white fur.

But despite all these dreams, I do have a nagging recurring dream that hits me every 4 or 5 months. Till today, I would still wake up thinking I got a school exam today, usually Chinese or Maths which I totally suck at, and I didn’t study. It would take me like 5 seconds to remember that I’m not in school anymore. It’s like waking up to a lighting bolt or something. I dunno why but I just keep getting that stupid dream.

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