Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Cavalock and The Onsen Breakfast Feast

What a glorious spread for breakfast! Woke up to a really amazing selection of fresh foods from Hokkaido back in the dining hall. Oh, and sleep was great too, probably thanks to climbing into bed early cos there's no TV in the room and it's too damn cold to stroll along the beach. Or maybe cos taking that little dip in the onsen earlier kinda relaxes ya and puts ya to sleep easier, know what I mean?

Just like dinner last night, when you are done with breakfast in the main dining hall, you get to mosey over to the lounge to enjoy some fruits and drinks. Same as last night, it was kinda cloudy that morning as well. Well, I could definitely get used to days like these so yah, a return visit to Noboribetsu in the summer would be nice. It'll be nice to be able to wander outdoors in just t-shirt and shorts without freezing your ass off.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Cavalock and The Lulling Onsen Getaway

Coastal resort time! So we braved through the frigid cold and finally planes, trains and automobiled our way to Kokoro No Resort Umi No Bettei Furukawa at Noboribetsu in Hokkaido. The weather was in a constant flux during our stay in Hokkaido as you can see from the a couple of the shots below taken from our room at the resort. I mean, it's always cold but the cloudy and sunny part was always changing.

What a sight! I could get used to chilling at either the cozy hotel lounge (above) or my own room (below) staring at the horizon all day long. Gorgeous views all the way. Hah! We did the whole onsen thing before dinner and that was soooo good. Better still, we have our very own full-fledged massage chair in our room. It really does wonders for your back. Oh, there's even a pair of binoculars in the room. ...The sea view!! To look at the sea view!! Not to peek into another guest's room!!

Dinner in the dining hall downstairs was exquisite. And I like how after such an excellent dinner, us guests would retire to the lounge for dessert, where there's a little centerpiece fireplace keeping the immerse room all toasty warm. Pity that it was rather cloudy that night and I couldn't see any stars.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Cavalock and The Ice Capades Escapade

Hey, it's another Japanese Haagen-Dazs post and that can only mean one thing, we were back in Japan again! Hah, apparently eight months was too long to stay away from Japan for the Baker-at-Home so we packed our bags and despite the freakin' cold weather there, headed to sub-zero Hokkaido and cosy Tokyo.

It's me first trip to Hokkaido but not for the Baker-at-Home. And me and the cold, well, we don't get along that good. Never have and never will. Anyway, more on that in another post. Back to the ice-cream, much preferred the Strawberry White Chocolate than mochi red bean. Nice bold strawberry flavours in that little tub. Had some Haagen-Dazs mochi ice-cream too last year, still not exactly sold on them.

So the temperature in Hokkaido dropped to below zero degrees celsius everyday while we were there, ice everywhere and I mean ICE, not soft fluffy snow but bone-breaking rock hard ice! I believe I spent more time stopping myself from falling face first into the ice than enjoying the sights. But no real complaints. Away from the familiar hustle and body-crashing Tokyo crowds, this here rural and country living vacation was a welcome change.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Cavalock and The Call of the Crab Cake

Believe it or not, I just found the best crab cakes in town. Hah, it wasn't our first time having lunch at Mezza9 over at Hyatt Hotel but it was my first time trying out their crab cakes. Or crab cake singular to be precise. I could have sworn it was plural in the menu. Anyway, that single crab cake was absolutely great. Packed full of delicious crab meat. Although it's not a small appetiser I could still do with a much bigger piece.

Since the Baker-At-Home got the Hyatt card, we been having lunch at the Pete's Place, StraitsKitchen or Mezza9 now and then. All pretty decent places to dine and we kinda have moods for each of them.

Me 84-year-old Dad spent the better part of last week at Whampoa snapping bird pix. Not every morning was good. More than a thousand shots, and I thought these were some of the better ones. Pity that he couldn't get any good ones of the parrot in flight. Hey, our local Kinokuniya is having members' sale 2nd to 5th March and you can grab me Dad's photo book Taking Flight there. Gosh, has it been almost two years already!?!

One last scoop, I heard there's a new Marvel show in town. Gawd, I swear copy editing is a lost art.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Cavalock and The Afternoon Delight Premise

Made our way to the newly opened unagi joint Uya at Wheelock Place. Freshly gutted eels for lunch! Uya was a good experience. Skin was just crisp enough and the meat tender and full of flavour. All right, it's way better than the unagi at Man Man at Bugis and just as good as Man Man at Keong Saik Road in Chinatown, if not better. I can't remember, been awhile since I been to the Chinatown one. Maybe cos unlike the one bugis, the eels here (and in Chinatown) are gutted on the spot and hence it's just fresher that way. I would definitely head back to Wheelock again.

Only minor problem I had with the place is how they had everyone seated the moment the doors opened at noon but only start serving bout half hour later. If I recall, Man Man already had them eels smoking on the grill before the doors opened and we got our meals pretty fast. I'm just guessing here. I could be wrong bout the reason for how long it took.

One fascinating thing bout staying in the Jalan Besar area is the opportunity to observe the shader side of life. It's not exactly a red-light district, it's more of an orangey tint. No legal brothels here but enough KTVs and massage parlours to make a guy's head spin at every street corner. Also, some of the private apartments here are homes to foreign KTV hostesses. Which brings us to this rather interesting observation. In the afternoons, you'll notice young dolled up foreign girls hopping into cars pulling up to them along Textile Centre Jalan Besar. They aren't streetwalkers cos they are specifically waiting for certain cars. I mean, I'm thinking they are probably mistresses or girlfriends of the drivers. Big cars, small cars, old uncles driving them, you see all kinds of local guys getting ready for some afternoon delight. And you know they be locals cos of the SAP school car stickers. Heh!

Anyway I ain't playing moral police here. Adults can do whatever they want and I don't think anyone's breaking any laws here. I just find it rather interesting to see this unfold daily... er... not that I'm there everyday but I'm pretty sure it's a daily thing. :) I guess it's part of living in this part of the island. In the evenings, the heavily made-up foreign KTV girls would be joining the dinner queues at the food stalls to pack their dinners before work. On weekends, local uncles would pair up with their foreign domestic worker girlfriends around the neighbourhood.

What can I say? It's just a fun place for people-watching!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Cavalock and The Blood Angels Chapter

Gong Xi Fatt Chai!

Here's an idea for a retro Chinese New Year gathering. Green Spot orange drinks at Meidi-Ya! Hah! Since it's the new year and it's orange juice, you know the drill. Who's old enough to remember this classic soft drink? This was my favourite when I was growing up in the old family home. They aren't fizzy like the other soft drinks.

Anyway it's the Lunar Year of the Dog and I figured I'll do post something red and auspicious instead. So I got my new miniatures hobby and I have yakked bout this here more than a couple times. I started painting my very red Blood Angels space marines chapter in December last year and so far, I have almost 20 of them done up rather nicely. Well, I'm kinda proud of how some of them turned out. First time painting space marines and faces too. Well, that's 500 points of Blood Angels in the box right there and I still got a ton more to paint.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Cavalock and The Squid Ink Disclosure

We read the hype and followed it to Beach Road where Fatty Thai was. Been ages since we had some Thai wanton mee and were kinda looking forward to it. And also since it's a just ten-minute walk from our tiny apartment, why not?

It was pretty decent lunch for S$4. The fried wantons I liked the most. The Baker-at-Home and I were in a rather ravenous mood that afternoon and unfortunately the wanton noodles weren't gonna satisfy us, so we tucked into some duck meat conveniently located at the same kopi tiam. Yah, there was quite a delicious duck rice stall there too and that helped turned a decent lunch experience into a much better one.

I swear the days have gotten shorter ever since we got Netflix (legally). We have been watching the heck outta it. And now they got the entire Star Trek TV shows library in there too! How is a guy supposed to eat, sleep and game now?!? Reading is now bedside reading, mornings are over at the gym, painting miniatures is whenever I'm free and I suppose I could watch Netflix or then again, that may not be a good idea cos I am after all, painting. I mean, you can't exactly take your eyes off your miniatures when you are painting them!

Now if you ever wondered where to get squid ink for making them squid ink pasta etc., you can get a pack from Meidi-Ya supermarket. The squid ink's from Spain and comes in little packs. One pack per serving I think? Another one them things you won't see at your neighbourhood NTUC FairPrice I guess.

Monday, February 05, 2018

Cavalock and The Sourdough Fingerlings Provision

A friend returned from San Francisco with three huge sourdough loafs a couple weeks ago and we were the lucky recipients of one of them. Still unbelievably fresh after travelling halfway across the world. It's so good just to eat it plain. It's just so wonderfully sourdough-y, if you know what I mean. Hah! Was our breakfast for the next few days.

She also presented us with a bag of fingerings potatoes from the US west coast which we subsequently made into a delicious side with some beef steak for dinner one night. Always a joy to savour food that one can't find locally.

From all that's good to something that's quite the opposite. And that's having to eat an otherwise enjoyable bowl of Katong Laksa with a thin, flimsy plastic spoon. That just feels wrong. Scooping up a spoonful of hot Laksa using that ... that toy spoon seems awkward. If the spoon's too full and heavy, the weight of it kinda bends the plastic utensil into an uncomfortable angle. The famous Laksa still tastes the same but eating out of that plastic spoon makes this an experience I ain't planning to go through again anytime soon.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Cavalock and The Squid-Ink Dough Exposition

Been about two years since I had a bite at Basilico and that's two years too long if you asked me. We scooted down to Regent Singapore on late Saturday morning for an early lunch (I refuse to call it 'brunch'!) and thankfully everything there was as good or delicious as the last time we were there. Is there any other joint that offers an Italian buffet as generous as this? I don't think so.

Lamb on the left, chicken on the right and beef below. Lamb came out tops. But the surprise hit was the black-and-white squid ink bread. Yah, I really like this. Dip it in balsamic and olive oil. Who was the genius who came up with this!?!

Another fun weekend spent wargaming with my Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals army. Saw someone did this last month, he glued tiny little magnets to the base of his figures. This helps hold your figures steady cos some are pretty delicate or fragile. I have had pole weapons and wizards' staff broken after bringing them out cos they inadvertently get shaken about during transport. Did mine below with some magnets from Daiso. Another use for all them old mooncake tins I guess.