Monday, August 13, 2018

Cavalock and The Horse Meat Heresy

Rub a tub tub! Horse meat in a tub! Or horse meat mixed with beef to be exact. Bet it's yummy and nutritious too! I think this is like one of the coolest things to buy back for your foodie friends! Don't tell them what it is but make them a sandwich with a piece of it. Hah! Not our first encounter with horse meat in Tokyo. I don't think our customs has an issue with anyone bringing it in? Well, the Baker-at-Home forbid me from getting a tub so I guess we'll never know how good it is.

Another unusual item in the grocery store that caught my eye was this apparent cure for snoring. The Baker-at-Home thought it was a little too cruel. Actually tapping up one's lips seems like the easiest solution, wonder why no one thought of it earlier.

You know every year around this time of the year I post a picture of the Washpole Patriot for National Day back here in Singapore. Unfortunately this year, I got this pix instead. Maybe someone squealed and the guy was told not to hang the flag out to dry on a wash pole. Pity. :(

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Cavalock and The Ultimate Gashapon Paradox

So the weather reports coming from Tokyo today seems to indicate that it's raining pretty heavy now over there and there's a typhoon headed their way. Hope everyone stays safe. Well, anyway we heard about this famous Michelin star ramen joint Afuri for awhile now. Wasn't actually planning to look for it while in Tokyo but we stumbled across an Afuri counter outlet at the basement of Lumine 1 at Shinjuku. Immediately made a mental note to have dinner there the next day.

It's one of them ticket-vending ramen joints where you better be quick to make your selection otherwise the folks behind you are gonna be breathing down your neck. Nah, I'm just kidding. This is Tokyo, no one's that rude unless he or she is a tourist from you-know-where.

A couple of things Afuri is famous for is their chicken broth and their addition of yuzu peel in your ramen. That's what really stole the show for me. I went for the roasted pork instead of the sous vide chicken. It's good but I definitely look forward to trying it again one day with the chicken.

Are you ready for the ultimate paradox?!? I give you the Gashapon within a Gashapon within a Gashapon within a ... well, you get the idea. In other words, it's the capsule toy where you'll find another capsule toy machine where you'll find more capsule toy machines! No, I didn't get it cos I couldn't wrap my mind around it!!! How is such a thing within the space-time continuum possible?!?

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Cavalock and The Tokyo Summer Heat Sizzle

We were back in Tokyo again! Right in the middle of their record-breaking heatwave! Yah, we were there several months ago when the weather was a wee bit too cold. Anyway we decided to take a break from our daily chores and found ourselves back in Tokyo. Hah! As always, we'll kick off with a quick look at a couple of new Haagen-Dazs flavours I spotted. The kuromitsu kinako flavour was much preferred over the peach one. Couldn't really taste the peachy flavour there.

The below pix right there was taken from the top 35th floor of our room in Shinjuku at 4.50am in the morning. Summer in Tokyo means long days ahead and with this heatwave. It was pretty challenging.  It was hot and we could actually feel the heat or rays prickling away at our skin when we are outdoors. I got tan lines just walking for train station to mall to train station. I wouldn't say that it's unbearable. It's hotter than Singapore but nothing we can't handle.

Not a cloud in the sky over at Tokyo Station. I think the average Tokyo temperature while we were there was around 35C. We ducked between malls and made frequent stops at vending machines. Good thing about coming during and why I prefer the heat than the cold is cos we don't have to pack al them thick heavy outfits and the shops are selling something else besides winterwear.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Cavalock and The OCD Coffee Jelly Therapy

If there's ever a drink for OCD folks by OCD folks, I'm thinking this has got to be it. Jeleets Crush Jelly drinks are from Japan and I have always had a weak spot for Japanese coffee jelly drinks. The messages on the bottle are a constant reminder to shake it 7 times, and I mean exactly 7 times before drinking it. That's pretty damn specific. I guess it's cos of lucky 7? Anyway, the shaking process is supposed to break up the jelly bits in the bottle.

Bought the two bottles at our local Don Don Donki. I like the taste, especially the matcha vanilla flavour. Although I doubt I'll buy them again cos I have been making a conscious effort to lay off the "unhealthy drinks". In case anyone's wondering, booze is not an "unhealthy" beverage. ;)

And since we are on the topic of drinks that are bad for you, can anyone tell me the difference between Coke Light and Coke No Sugar? I compare the labels, ingredients and everything and they both read exactly the same.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Cavalock and The Glorious Chicken Guts Gestation

Now you guys have a legit reason to head to Fortune Centre instead of coming up with excuses to visit the infamous old office building that's perhaps infamous for illegal massage parlours. Well, the local vice cops have done an excellent job cleaning up the place and it's now a pretty decent place for a dinner or lunch date. Motsu-Ya is like an izakaya joint that opened on the first floor recently. It's a pretty small joint and its also part of Nobu-Ya, the Japanese restaurant downstairs.

Had their speciality Motsu-Ni which is kinda like a chicken gut stew. Lotsa delicious, flavourful miso braised chicken parts and veggies. I don't think I have ever had or seen such a dish in a Japanese menu before. It's extremely satisfying. And an impressive booze menu usually warrants a second visit!

It ain't easy being a caregiver but I do get to help me 84-year-old Dad organise his latest wildlife pix. These here bee-eater pix were taken in Punggol in a single morning.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Cavalock and The Ramen Game Rant

Finally there's no long queue at Konjiki Hototogisu, the latest popular ramen joint in town. We were at CHIJMES for an early dinner and lookit that, no queue at 5.30pm. Hah! Early lunch and dinner have been a thing with me since I started working out again. Anyway, absolutely enjoyed the broth from my shoyu hamaguri ramen. The hamaguri clams, pork and everything that's in there just came together perfectly. The menu says homemade black truffle paste there too but don't go expecting a heavy truffle aroma like some western dishes are fond of producing. It's pretty subtle here as it should be.

Harking back to my previous post bout soccer and now folks here are lamenting bout how much the country sucks at the sports. But I'm like "So what? Why are locals getting upset bout our national team or the entire country sucking at soccer? There are other sports that we are good or even great at, like swimming. No country can be great at every sport. I bet we suck just as bad at basketball and tennis but why aren't anyone making a ruckus bout that? Just accept the fact that we suck at soccer and move on."

My friend said, "S-League is crime prevention." Which I thought was rather amusing, well, maybe politically incorrect but it still got a chuckle out of me.

So what have I been painting? Almost finished these bad boys and so far this month, I have played 12  different boardgames and miniature war games. Played two rather heavy Euro games for the first time recently, Lorenzo il Magnifico and Great Western Trail. Both very popular among serious boardgames, each game about 2 hours long. Loved the former, hated the latter. Great Western Trail was a mess because no one knew the rules and we were reading them and playing at the same time. Got more than a couple rules wrong. Anyway, am always up for a boardgame or two, if anyone wants to, just let me know.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Cavalock and The Teahouse Theorem

Broke my no-beef "diet" and strolled down to CHIJMES for dessert after a steak dinner. Destination was Hvala, a new Japanese teahouse that I have hastily marched past numerous times after gym and on my way to a lunchtime board game session.

Not a very big place and it was packed right after dinner. Nice little zen deco and we sat at the bar counter and enjoyed one of the best black sesame cake the Baker-At-Home ever had. Always a joy to sit at the counter at Japanese joints and marvel at the intrinsic handiwork unfolding before us. Not a big fan of the zen-like seating layout. Much prefer a counter seat.

I must be one of the few living souls on this island that has absolutely zero interest in the World Cup. The last time I was into soccer was about a decade ago and that was only cos I was betting like crazy every weekend. One of my earlier posts did talk bout that. Was never ever interested in sports unless I was taking part of it.

I can only be interested in any competitive event if I'm actually playing it and that's something I could never get enough of. I mean playing games. I am definitely not competitive. But pitting your wits against other folks, whether its just betting against the odds or playing board games or miniature war games, it's something I really like. Something to show for after hours and hours of painting.

A friend passed me his new Kickstarter set Giant Killer Robots last month and we had a blast playing it. It's a huge game! Giant heavy box with big miniatures. Cool gameplay where we are piloting mechs and shooting each other in a city landscape map.

Oh and last month, the old family home was featured in a local interior magazine! Hmmm... won't say which mag it is for obvious reasons. Hah!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Cavalock and The Little Didi Spotting

Still taking it easy on all things beef so when the Baker-at-Home and I stopped by Kimme for lunch last week, it was all seafood for me. Starting with a pan-seared scallop and century egg which I thought was an ingenious sidekick, and you can't really go wrong with pan-seared scallops. The barramundi wasn't too fishy and came in a delicious broth so definitely enjoyed it. Rounding it all up nicely was my very sweet honey ice-cream although the Baker-at-Home's makgeoli dessert was much better.

Upstairs seating was nice and bright so maybe you won't see any illicit office lunch dates happening here. Come on, like you don't notice them happening all the time! A pretty decent 3-course set lunch menu at $45++. Having had dinner at Meta, I think this is like a slightly more down-to-earth and affordable joint by the same folks behind the Michelin Star restaurant. 

Now this is the kinda things you stumble upon when you live in the ember light district of the island. That's what I call my neighbourhood on account of the numerous KTVs and massage parlours around, we don't have the legal brothels like Geylang so I won't exactly it the red light district.

Anyway you can't be more obvious than this pix. And yah, just upstairs is a whole buncha foreign KTVs and massage parlours. I bet business will be up in no time once they open for business.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cavalock and Wargaming Dessert Weekend

Looking at my recent posts, it would appear that I'm eating waaaay too much beef lately. And that's never good or at least it's what folks are saying these days. So something healthy for a change, and what's more healthier than ice-cream and waffles? Hah!

Last weekend saw me in Tiong Bahru and it's a neighbourhood that I don't normally find myself in. But I think I now have a couple good reasons to drop by more often. For starters, my friend's latest Creamier outlet is there. Yah, I know its been there for a few months but it was just easier to head to the other outlets for me. Nicely hidden in that neighbourhood, bit of a walk from the main road and bus-stop too.

One of the best performers on UK's stock market, Games Workshop has opened their second Warhammer outlet in Tiong Bahru. They are behind the miniature games that I play, like Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. The one where I spend hours and hours painting. I was there for the shop's opening and they had some limited edition stuff for first few customers. Love the special store opening dice! The free pin was for the first 25 in line and I had to queued in the noon sun for like an hour!