Friday, September 10, 2021

Cavalock and The Truffle Birthday Experience

Well, if you have been following the local news, it sure looks like we are heading into another mini-lockdown pretty soon. Anyway the Barker-at-Home and I managed to snag my birthday lunch at Garibadi earlier this week with her! There's a running joke between us bout how she has eaten at the Italian joint while I have not. This went on for years and finally I'm here. Joke's over I guess. Hah!

Didn't really planned it that way but I had truffle on both my first and second courses, on the scallops as well as the ravioli. Fantastic lunch, only complaint was them ravioli were some of the smallest I ever had! Not a complaint but the wine pairing did left us both with a slight buzz in the afternoon. Guess we ain't as young as we were. 

Back home, we ordered an amazing coconut cake from a homemaker, yes, that's a pretty huge cake for just the two of us. So we sliced it up and gave some to the neighbours too. Obviously the kids love it.

Now I usually treat myself to a new game or something similar on me birthdays but I can't really think right now. Not that there isn't anything I want. Gawd knows there are plenty of stuff I want but space is an issue and I still got games that I feel I haven't played to justify its purchase, know what I mean? 

Right now I'm back to playing Kill Team, a game I started bout four years ago. There's a new edition that got released couple weeks ago with completely new rules. This is a game that I kinda stocked up on when I was over in the UK back in 2018. Played a few games when I got back then moved on to other boardgames. Well, this is a miniatures game where I have already invested hundreds of dollars on and dozens of hours of painting, so when this new edition got released, a lot of folks were pretty excited bout it and I bought the new rule books, that's already like a more hundred bucks right there. Hopefully this will last awhile. 

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot ... it's September. You know what that means.


imp said...

Oooh, a real coconut cake! It looks amazing. To your health, cavalock!

Cavalock said...

Thank you! ;)