Thursday, August 02, 2007

"The cop made me do it"

I was heading home just now and saw that the road was cordoned off cos some huge construction stuff fell off a couple of trailers. So the traffic cop (very politely) told me that I had to get off the sidewalk and walk through the open field. I said, "That means I have to climb the fence?" And he said, "Yes, sorry for the inconvenience."

Sure, its been awhile since I climbed any fences but I'll give it a shot. Hell, the cop made me do it! And I climbed, and it was a breeze. I mean it was exactly like before. Toss my bag over the fence and then climb it.

Anyway, back to Japan. So I had technically one day of R&R, not exactly rest and recreation but more like retail rampage. One day cos of half a day in the afternoon and half a day the next morning before my flight back.

After finishing work in the hotel in Shinjuku, got out at about 4pm and headed straight to C&C curry rice for a very late lunch. Then off to make my biggest ever single purchase in Tokyo. A watch that I had my eye on for some time now. Far as I know, you can't find it here in Singapore. It looks a lot better in real life.

Then it was off to Harujuku to the special Uniqlo concept store. If you haven't heard about it or seen pix of it, it's really neat. Here's how it looks from the outside. It's just across the Levi's store.

Three floors of nothing but cool t-shirts, sold and packed in plastic capsules. Hundreds of them. Only 1,500 Yen each. That's less than S$20! Seriously man, these are really good! I bought 4 but had to get rid of the capsules cos of space in the luggage.

Anyway, I did buy bunch of other stuff along the way and the next day too. Here's a pix of just some of them. Not bad one-day-shopping coming for a straight guy huh? Let's see now ... in the pix below, there's the new Kit Kat flavours, kiwi fruit, melon and green tea (again), a Shinjuku JR line station key chain (got it since that's near where I always stay), an old school Glico man chocolate tin, a Japanese mag on food and more dice for my collection from Tokyo Hands at Takashimaya, these include a Zodiac dice, Yes/No dice, Who/What/Where/Why/When/How dice, emo dice, Food dice in Japanese includes Sushi/Tempura/Beef rice/chinese/Italian/french and a dice with Japanese characters that I don't understand. Guess which is my favorite. ;)


Anonymous said...

oh im glad u didnt get hurt!!
that japanese character looks like 'Sushi'. but im not sure..
if u are curious, plz send me bigger photo :)
that seiko watch is 62000 yen?!
super lol
how did u like kit-kat? kiwi is my fav. boss doesnt like melon tho.
i hope u like them alllll!

imp said...

retail rampage indeed! never thought i'd hear a guy confess that!! heh.

i IS jealous. look at all those kit kat flavors i don't even know exist!!!!!! *pout*

Anonymous said...

aww curry looks sooo good!!
im getting hungry :)

Cavalock said...

niki: Yah, its a food dice with different food types on each side. nah, i paid 56,000 yen at Yobabashi in Shinjuku. i haven't tried the kit kat yet!

The curry was quite good. believe it or not, this is the first time i'm having curry rice in japan.

imp: haha. i thought it was a lot of shopping for just one day. quite proud of myself!

Anonymous said...

ewww 56,000 is like US$500..
that is an expensive watch and u could get a good discount :)
kit-kat was melted yesterday. u had better put it in the fridge!
first time!? ohhh im glad u liked it! that katsu(deep fried meat) is soo delicious with curry.
thanks and have a happy sunday cavalock-chan!!

Cavalock said...

niki: well, the watch's special cos it's designed specially for the Japan market. you can't find it anywhere else in the world! lol

yah, i always keep my kit kat in the fridge.

B said...

looks like a lot of fun! great watch!

how do you like those flavored kit kats? very interesting. so are the t-shirts in capsules and the fact that you had to climb a fence to get home! :)

Anonymous said...

so very smart cavachan!!
oh i thought melon kit was good, boss said "mazui"(not tasty) tho.
glad u liked it!! thanks and have a sweet dream!!

Cavalock said...

b: well, i finally tried them all and i have to say, melon is my favorite.

niki: lol! i hope there'll be more new flavours when i visit japan again!

Anonymous said...

ewww u prefer melon to kiwi!? lol
ive seen cherry, apple, orange, banana, mango kit-kat before..
maybe fish flavour when u visit next time *wink*