Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Skinny monkey was on a leash"

Can you believe it, the fruit stall near the office upped their prices by at least 10 cents last month. Its cos of the recent local 7% goods and services tax increase (from 5%). My usual afternoon fresh slice of papaya and a banana is no longer a dollar but S$1.20. A 10 cents jump from 50 cents to 60 cents for a slice of fruit is not equal to 2%.

Yah, I know prices of fresh fruits around the world is a lot more than here, that’s what my expat colleagues tell me. Well, at least the price of a cup of fruit juice is still the same S$2. Kinda strange huh?

Oh yah, another leftover tale from my recent Japan trip. I saw a guy walking his pet monkey down a street in Harajuku at nite! The skinny monkey was on a leash and the guy was walking it nonchalantly like a dog. Oh well, I thought that was pretty cool.

Also managed to finally catch Blades of Glory for the in-flight movie. I also, also was lucky enough to stumble upon the best of album by Japanese R&B duo Chemistry, All The Best, while searching through the in-flight entertainment menu. I didn’t even know it was out. So I plugged in, and it sounds good.

Anyway, I was introduced to their music by an ex-colleague a few years ago. I liked their easy R&B style but Japanese CDs here were very, very expensive back then. So after I touched down, I headed to a local CD shop Gramophone and found the set at 20% discount! A double CD plus a concert DVD set! That’s like from S$38 reduced to about S$32.


Anonymous said...

moneky was in harajuku!? lol
thats very strange!
i saw an old man & kitten on a leash before.
it attracts a lot of girls, so they might be doing that.
papaya is sooo expensive in tokyo.
i didnt know chemistry's song, so checked on youtube. the vocalist is nice ;)

imp said...

i had to stop myself frm counting the increases in terms of cents. will just drive myself crazy.

Anonymous said...

thank u sooo much cavalock-chan!!
i didnt know abt the heat wave.
soo hot! please take care and drink a lot water too :)

Cavalock said...

niki: nah, the guy walkig the monkey wasn't old. take care during the heat wave!

imp: i know what u mean. but it irks me cos 5 cents ain't 2%! hah

AVIANA said...

hello sweets!

i'm are you...

please don't complain about 10cents..of course i'm talking from an american point of view.... ;)

Richard said...

Bananas go for $0.47 per pound here ($0.79 for organic). On sale they can be had for $0.19 per pound. Erm ... I am not much of a papaya fan.

You know that price increases are always more than inflation.

Never seen anyone walk anything other than a dog on a leash in Canada. Never even seen anyone with a pet monkey.

Sudanese friend was shocked by the price of parrots here, he said that he used to catch them as a kid. He also said some people had monkeys as pets in Sudan.

PinkHippo said...

S$2 for juice fruits?

A bit expensive to me, cos my office area is selling watermelon juice at S$0.90 only...