Friday, August 10, 2007

"I remember everything"

When I was in Japan last month, our host brought us to this little cafe by the roadside near Mt. Fuji called Cafe M. He brought one of my colleagues there earlier in the month and they all raved about how cosy the place is and how great the food is. So when I was there, we headed there again after our photo shoot. But the place was closed! I could only get this shot. I never got the chance to step in!

But guess what. I found the official website here! Even though I can't read it, the outdoors pix match what I saw and the little glimpses I took while peering through the window. It all looks so neat!

Well, the English football season starts tomorrow I believe and its been a year since I placed a bet. I have mentioned before that I have a wee bit of a gambling problem, I didn't place any bets last season so I'm pretty proud of that. Wish me luck this year! ;)

Remember that watch I got from Japan a couple of weeks ago? Damn! Setting an analog and digital watch together to match the time is a BITCH! I'm trying to get the minute hand to match the digital time exactly!

Saw The Bourne Ultimatium the other nite at the Heineken preview. Kinda enjoyed it. If you are a comic book fan, you would know what I mean when I say the whole thing reads like a movie version of Wolverine's (Weapon X) origin. Especially now that Wolverine has also recently regained all his memories, he even utters the same words, "I remember everything." in the comics. And he goes on this looooong hunt of everyone (and goverment) around the world who messed with his mind and turned him into a killer.

Alright, I need some help here. Can anyone tell me what this green leaf that you usually find in your sashimi is called? When I was in Japan recently, my host told me that it's edible. I never knew that. I tried it and it's kinda little minty and it's supposed to clear the palate. I been trying to find it online but no such luck. This pix is another shot I took while I was there.


B said...

Is the green leaf perilla: ???? Believe me, I had no prior knowledge but curiosity induced me to search for it online! :)

That's great that you were able to go without placing a bet all year. I know you mentioned the gambling urge awhile back. That is impressive...that you've been able to curb it.

I wish I were more in tune with European football/soccer. I admittedly love American football, especially college. Something about the whole thing just makes me so happy! I love autumn saturdays spent in football stadiums or just at home watching on t.v. I am less a fan of the pros because it just seems so political and players are in it more for themselves than they are working together as a team.

However, I am a hypocrite because I play fantasy football (and have won my all-male league two years in a row...yes, they hate me. I think they keep asking me to play because they are eager to kick my ass and then rub it in my face! Haha!).


Anonymous said...

wow that sashimi looks sooo fresh and delicious :)
yeah we call it shiso leaves. good with tofu and cold noodle too.
i checked out the web site of cafe M. it doesnt say closed or anything. (might be open ocasionally.)
spending so much money in gambling is crazy lol
happy weekend cavalock-chan!!

Cavalock said...

Thanks a lot for finding bout the leaf for me!

b: Like most addictions, its never 'cured'. u have to be on guard always in case u fall off the wagon.

I wasn't a sports fan, i was a gambler. I have no favorite teams or players. I read the stats and bet. most times i didn't need the money, it was the thrill of beating the odds.

it ain't easy to beat the habit esp. right now when all the local papers are talking bout the start of the season and offering 8 pages of betting odds every weekend! hah

niki: well, it was closed on a Thursday afternoon when we stopped for lunch. ;)

AVIANA said...

Hey Sweets!

Thanks for passing by! Yes I will love every ounce of dancing I'll be doing the next week. :)

Take care and make sure you miss me!!!

hahaha! :)


Anonymous said...

oops sorry cavachan!
i thought u might have thought that restaurant was closed down :D
my english is sooo poor!

B said...

Well, you are looking at the gambling addiction in the right way. It is something that will always be "there" to some degree. Just as with the general struggles of life, it requires constant effort and awareness. Some days will inevitably be harder than others. When people try to convince themselves that the addiction is something that must be completely erradicated, that's when they lie to themselves and often reach a point in which they full succumb to it.

But you seem to be working effectively to keep it in check. Understandably it is difficult this time of year when it is really in your face.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cavalock!

Stumbled onto your blog through blog surfing and must say that i really had a lot of fun reading your entries. You have a really honest, real and humourous way of writing, which imho is quite rare nowadays. Thanks for making my day with your blog!


M. said...

good luck with the 'fast' from gambling!

i love eating the shiso leaf with sashimi, especially the more 'pungent' ones like uni. its slightly peppery flavour makes a nice combi.

Cavalock said...

hi guys!

aviana: looking forward to reading yr experiences. have fun!

niki: hah...its ok. no need to say sorry!

b: thanks so much for yr words of encouragement!

jeri: thanks for dropping by! nah, i just call them as i see them.

mia: wow...didn't know there were different kinds. will keep an eye out next time i'm at a sushi bar!

PinkHippo said...

This sashimi brings smile to my face!

I loved sashimi!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link!!
it looks very good and nostalgic :)