Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Addiction?

How should I start of me earlier posts was bout this four main vices of me younger days. Well, of those four, one of them is still haunting me to this day. It's the one on gambling and do I have a gambling problem? I dunno. Maybe I do and maybe I don't.

The reason I'm writing this now is cos this weekend is the the start of the new british soccer EPL season. And that's what I used to bet on. I have always loved playing games, almost all kinds of games and puzzles, and to me, betting on soccer was a kind of game, a kind of mental challenge. You study the facts, analyse the tables, look at the stats etc. And you try to make your guess. And when you win, the feeling is great, simply exhilarating. You tell yourself you are smarter than the system and you outwitted it. Of cos, when you lose, the feeling is really sucky.

I started out with little five dollar bets and that became hundreds later, er...much later. I used to bet hundreds every weekend. I have won lots and have lost lots too. Fortunately, things never got to the point where I had to borrow money or anything like that. I still paid all my bills on time, bought the things I wanted, ate and drank well, gave my folks money etc. Nothing much changed in terms of living expenses. So why did I stopped? Or at least am trying (and succeeding so far!) ....cos I know if I didn't it's only going to get a lot worse.

I used to spend hours searching the betting forums online. Not the online gambling sites but a particular Asian forum where people exchanged tips. I think almost every local soccer gambler knows this site. Hehe. I have seen guys surfing the site in public on their laptops numerous times! I stopped visiting the site months ago. Looking back, I do have some pretty funny gambling stories to tell.

I'm just writing this to remind myself to not gamble or place any soccer bets this season. It's gonna be a long season so wish me luck.

Hmmmm....maybe next time I'll talk bout me other three vices. Definitely not as somber as this one.


Run Around Paris said...

The way I look at it, if you have to question whether or not it's a problem, then it probably is a problem.

Want to hear something absurd? I'm addicted to iced tea. Seriously. The tea, the caffeine, the artificial sweetener (I use two kinds in each tea that I drink). I probably consume about 8 to 10 iced teas a day. Sometimes more. Sick, huh? I've even had bouts with an iregular heartbeat - too much caffeine. But I can't stop. When I do, I suffer from headaches, fatigue, insomnia, the works. To it just goes to show how anything can have a control over you.

Don't bet on the games. And I'll give up a few iced teas for you.


Richard said...

I will tend to agree with run around paris if you are thinking it might be a problem, then it probably is - kind like if you wait until you are thirsty, then are are proabably dehydrated.

On the other hand, perhaps you are simply engaging in a healthy bit of introspection.

Anonymous_X said...

I don't think you have a gambling problem. You had stopped betting & you did it. Could easily compare your case with I-can-stop-smoking-anytime person who predictably would never stop smoking.

Anyway (should you decide to bet. heh. just kidding!), good luck.

Anonymous said... won't be a problem if u ain't obsessing about it all the time!! or burning a whole in your pocket for that matter.

i know many friends who spend time poring over soccer mags/news/articles/forums before placing their bets. the fun is in the process, sweetened only if they win. not the amount. sizeable bets. but nothing that will put them in debt.

Anonymous said...

how much is 5 dollars there?? abt 500 yen?(^o^)?
i dont know european leagues but it would definately spice up ur life!! love talking abt succer with my friends. we just bet for a couple of coffee tho.
have fun, cavalock-chan!!!!

Coffee Fairy v1 said...

The earlier you quit from it the better, so good for you that you were able to regulate yourself from it. I wish you luck on your complete "recovery". :)

Cavalock said...

thanks for all your comments. am trying very hard not to put any bets this weekend. feel uneasy if i don't bet but i know if i lose, it'll be an even suckier feeling. Cos i usually bet on longshots. Bigger winnings but harder odds.