Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Live Fast, Love Hard, Die With Your Mask On

You know back when we were young, we all did crazy stuff that we look back today and go, "Holy crap! Did I actually do that?!? What was I thinking?!" From getting into stupid relationships to tip-toeing over to the wrong side of the law, it's all part of growing up.

I know I pulled my fair share of crazy stunts. I had this little Four Rules to Living Life to the Fullest. Now remember, I was young, impulsive and reckless when I came up with this. Drinking, Smoking, Gambling and Fooling Around (if you know what I mean), you gotta indulge in at least one of these four vices to really enjoy life. You don't know how to enjoy life until you go all out on one of them. I know, it's a really, really stupid thing to go around saying but hell, I was young and stupid back then, I admit it but it was also a great conversation starter! Bring it up at guys-nite-out, parties, even wedding dinners and pretty soon, everyone's talking about their personal experiences, their favouite one etc.

Now, it's not like I was doing all four at the same time. I did 'do them' over various stages of my life, not intentionally fulfilling it but somehow it just happened over the years.

So why am I writing this? Some crazy attempt at bravado? I don't think so. I guess it's more like a way to remind myself of what it was like when I was younger.

Looking back, do I regret them? Absolutely not. But today, being older and ...er...wiser (I hope), I would never say those things to anyone, anymore. I mean, I would still talk about them to close friends as something a younger and dumber version of me was preaching years ago (and hopefully get a few laughs) but definitely not something to follow.

Actually there are some pretty funny stories behind them. Maybe I'll write them down one of these days.


Coffee Fairy v1 said...

Hi Cavalock! What a nice reflection you have written. I think life is a journey, you ca take different routes to go to a destination, there might be long ways or short cuts, but the most important thing is you know where you're going. ;o)

imp said...

hey...we all went through that drunken debauchery stage at some point in time.

we all do grow out of it. well, sort of, anyway. heh.

Unknown said...

okiez... so it was like some kind of a journey, huh? but erh... why does your "younger days then" sound so distant? hmmm...

caught the cat piccie... hmmm... a little unveiling, yea? less of a mystery, huh?

c'mon, drop me that mail... what say you? =)

Ally said...

hmm ...i (try to) keep my dark dirty secrets (if any) swept under the rug!

Cavalock said...

Hi all!

Coffee fairy: It did took me awhile to decide to write this….part of me was afraid that I would come out looking like a real jerk n dumbass for some of the things I did but …oh, well…

Imp: Yah, I stopped doing those stuff. Well, most of the time anyway, more on that another day.

Angie bern: heh, yah that’s me in the pix. The cat doesn’t belong to me. On second thought, decided not to leave a pix. Well, pple say I still look like my Secret Origins Part I entry pix, so I figured maybe that’s enough. Maybe I’ll put it back up again one day. Nah, too ugly….

Queen: I tried that you but my past has a nasty habit of coming back and biting me in the ass. Looooong story…..

Richard said...

Hmmm ... actually, I do not look back at my life and say: "What in the world was I thinking when I did that!"

Mostly because I didn't do it.

While I saw people around me doing it, I simply believed it was a local phenomena and that in the greater world, there actually were "rational" and "sensible" people who didn't do obviously stupid things.

About a year ago, I finally decided that this is probably pretty normal behaviour for people - so why was I different? I don't feel different, I feel perfectly normal, and I view other people’s experiences as aberrations, even though it is my own experiences that are the aberration.

So when people get together and reminisce about all the foolish things they did in their youth, I am, as always, an outsider.

Cavalock said...

richard: i think i know wat u mean, a little. I was never like that all the time, until i started working. For like the first 20 years of me life, i did me own thing. When everyone else was raising hell, dating n drinking. i was perfectly happy reading my books, comics, playing games, watching TV n movies, with my family n close friends.

Jason Paul Tolmie said...

Hey Cavalock, Love the post!

Just wondering where you got the title for it from?....."Live fast, Love hard.......". I am sure I remember reading that in a graphic novel/comic a few years back. Love to know what comic.

Jason (The Mighty C)