Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More Geek-ing Out At Home

One of the cool things about having your own place is the chance to do it up however you like. Don’t think most of you remember me very first post. Anyway, here’s the wine rack part of it. See that guy behind it, guarding the wine rack? That’s my X-Men Sentinel action figure. One of the best-looking and detailed action figure ever. Simply amazing sculpt! It was released last year and become one of the most sought-after, best-reviewed Marvel comic book figures around.

In the comic books, the Sentinels are giant mutant-hunting robots that fought the X-Men on a regular basis. If you watched the last X-Men movie, you might remember the opening scene with the X-Men fighting in the Danger Room. They were under attack by some huge thing and Wolverine leapt (aka Fastball Special) at it. Then this big purple metal head dropped outta the sky and crashed to the ground. That’s a Sentinel head. I guess the movie budget wasn’t big enough to put those guys in.

Anyway my point is if I was still living with me folks, I sure doubt if I could get away with incorporating me action figures with the rest of the furniture! Hah. I just thought it would be neat to have him looming above the wine rack. What you think of the wine rack? I kinda like that too, got it on offer at Takashimaya last year too or was it the year before? Its got a nice leathery feel and I thought it looks kinda classy as well.


B said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Cavalock...I really appreciate the thoughtful comment. Yes, being single and living on one's own does come with serious advantages... including the ability to freely enlist one's X-Men Sentinel action figure to guard the wine rack!! I love it!

Run Around Paris said...

Hey - Thanks for indulging me with my little survey. Your answers were tres interesting!

Regarding your wine rack - it's nice to look at, but to be honest, it's a little backwards. The tops of the wine bottles should be facing down, not the bottoms. When the tops face downward, the corks don't dry out!

And as for geeking out...I can totally relate. I was soooooo excited when I discovered that The Transformers is going to be a movie in 2007!!

Cavalock said...

Breal: thanks for dropping by too. Do take care and have a great time in Paris!

Run around Paris: Hi there! Whoa! Thanks for the little correction on me wine rack. I’ll fix it when I get back home tonite. Yup, the Transformers movie has a lot to live up to. BTW, teaser trailer is out at Apple’s Quicktime site.