Sunday, January 15, 2006

First time for everything

So here we go (again). Hey, what a way to start off a new web site. Here is be (almost) all the bottles of wine I had over the last couple of years at my place. All after dinner, of course.

Awwwww man, this really sucks. Seconds after I took this pix, both me thumbs were ‘taken out of action’ in very painful ways. First right thumb was cut while removing the metal foil wrapping or whatever it’s bloody known as. Then left thumb pretty much had a tiny piece of flesh nearly clamped down and almost removed while I was opening the bottle with the wine-opener. So there I was, never felt soooo removed from my simian ancestors now that I have almost lost the use of me opposable thumbs. Didn’t really enjoy the ice wine after that.

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