Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Geek-ing Out At Home

It's Tuesday nite and you know what that means to a World of Warcraft player. Server maintenance nite! Figured I'll just update here a little while waiting for CSI: NY to start. So here’s how I spent part of me Saturday.

Decided to get a second bedside table at IKEA on Wednesday and was putting it together on Saturday. Didn’t have much trouble with it except the hinges were kinda wonky.


imp said...

housekeeping. literally. not bad!!

Richard said...

While I know Ikea is a global company, somehow it just seems wrong to have an Ikea in Singapore.

We have one in Ottawa. I have been there twice (both times at the urging of the Mrs). I was not impressed either time.

The irony is that I pass by it twice each day because it is near the highway on my way to work.

Cavalock said...

Why would you think that its wrong? It's soooo crowded on weekends!