Sunday, August 05, 2007

"That's a pig's head in front"

It's an early Sunday afternoon and I have just finished vacuuming and mopping the apartment. Figured I'll post the last few pix from my Japan work trip now. Read that the weather in Japan got pretty rainy again after we left so I guess we were lucky.

Well, one minor crummy fact about the whole trip was the coming home to an empty apartment at 2am in the morning part. It would had been nice if there was someone waiting that I could share everything with, right there and then.

Ok, back to what else I did in Japan. I finally tried a bottle of Coke Zero. Didn't take any pix of it. Awww man, it wasn't that good at all. Just another bland carbonated drink with some carmalized taste to it. Will difinitely not buy when it's launched here. Now here's a big ass coffee vending machine I saw in the airport, complete with a little video screen too.

A couple of other vending machines here.

Now here's another great view from my countryside hotel room. This shot was taken at about 5.30am in the morning. I kid you not. Yah, sleep was not an option.

This is a cool duo that was playing outside Shinjuku station. Didn't understand the lyrics but it had a real melody and she's a pretty girl with a great voice, what more could a guy ask for? Was almost tempted to buy the CD.

I don't know what the hell this is but it sure looked real cute. That's a pig's head in front. See the little tail at the back?


Anonymous said...

that is election car lol
never seen it before. weird!!!
oh ice cream and coffee machine look sooo wonderful!!

B said...

That is a big ass vending machine! I can understand the instant vending machine coffee and ice cream bars but the hot food...from a vending machine?! I guess it is not much different than frozen food heated up quickly. Hmmm...still...I don't even really enjoy fast food all that much based on its whole "fast" premise and a fast hot vending machine meal seems even more awkward. Nevertheless...very cool to see things from other parts of the world.

Great shot from the hotel room. It is really light out for that early in the morning! So beautiful though...I'm sure it was hard to sleep.

You know, I tried coke zero awhile back when my last boyfriend was a fan of it. I was not really impressed but it was still a bit better than diet soda for me. The cherry coke zero is actually decent though. But when I'm in a mood for soda, I want the real thing- coca cola classic.

Great photos...again, always fun to see where you've been and all these things of interest!

AVIANA said...

hello there....

how are ya?

"... one minor crummy fact about the whole trip was the coming home to an empty apartment at 2am in the morning part. It would had been nice if there was someone waiting that I could share everything with..."

i identify with this so much....i do so much, i have this great apartment but it almost means nothing when you have no one to share your experiences intimately with or to enjoy your new furniture (lol)...i feel you completely on this one...

have you listened to Brandi Carlile's song "The Story"

Check it out... it says exactly this ... :)

Celestine said...

japanese products are so damn interesting. i think it wil b a ball to visit japan...

Cavalock said...

niki; lol! its a pigmobile for politicians.

b: same here. am not a big fast food or coke fan. will usually eat it only if i really have to, or there's no other choice.

avaina: hi there! i went to youtube the song and saw the Grey's Anatomy clip of it. nice song, i kinda like it. thanks!

celestine: yah, its shop till u drop! lol

Anonymous said...

At one point, I was really fascinated with Japan's vending machine. But unfortunately, I've not ever managed to stepped out of Narita airport yet. If ever I do, I'll make sure I park myself outside these vending machine for a good half day.

Richard said...

I love the sound of Japanese women speaking or singing. They have beautiful, musical voices.