Tuesday, August 07, 2007

"I'm not an ass man"

Now I'm really tempted to enter one of my flower pix in any local amateur photo contest. Just gotta find one somewhere I guess.

Anyway, got tagged by Niki with this little meme. Gotta come up with 8 random facts bout myself. Let's see, did something almost the same here. So whoever wants to give it a shot, go right ahead. All right, here we go ...

1. I always place a glass of water by my bedside when I go to sleep cos I usually wake up in the middle of the night thirsty.

2. I need to shave every morning otherwise (according to women I know) I'll look like some junkie.

3. I was once stalked by a beautiful but crazy woman.

4. I still get a kick whenever someone asks me if I'm Chinese or Singaporean, my mom's half Chinese. Doesn't happen that often now but it used to happen more frequently when I was a kid.

5. I'm not an ass man nor am I a legs man. I'm more of a pretty face kinda guy. I'll look at her face and front first, more than anything else.

6. I set all my clocks and watches at least a couple of minutes faster than the 'real', official time.

7. I like big breakfasts!

8. I can't drink alcohol on an empty stomach. I need to eat before I drink.

Now its gonna be our National Day real soon and guess what ... a year ago, I saw this wash pole flag hanging next to some laundry and this year on my way to work, the wash pole patriot strikes again!


Anonymous said...

thanks sooo much for taking my tag!!
glad to know more about u!
so cavalock looks like junkie if u dont shave? lololol
wat is this???
>I was once stalked by a beautiful but crazy woman.

how could u stop her?? very interesting! yeah some women are really crazy for nice looking men. be careful! hehe..
laughed@ ass man legs man.
thats a good idea to set clocks like that.
love that pics when u were small.
so very cute!!

Anonymous said...

i share no.6 with you! i'm absolutely paranoid of being late!!!

wah. your pole patriot is very consistent!

Cavalock said...

niki: yah, if i don't shave for a few days, i'll have a goatee. lol

imp: was hoping there'll be lots of laundry that morning when i snapped the pix but no luck there. ;)

AVIANA said...

Hello there!

Well, first, I moved into my new apartment in May and I am still dealing with fixing it up, taking things out of boxes and stuff. I've been getting new furniture and stuff because I had none.

Well the landlord was gonna pass by on Tuesday to check on the walls so I wanted it to look nice and also I just got tired of the mess so....sigh....that's why i cleaned alot this weekend.

Everything is in order now. phew!

well whre is your grown up picture. you were adorable in those pics. well you have to understand why people ask you if you are part asian because you look it but then again why would they ask you if it's kind obvious what you're background is...

anyhoo....i will post tomorrow nite. i will try to do a decent one since i will be gone for 1 week without access to internet....



Bla said...

"I can't drink alcohol on an empty stomach. I need to eat before I drink."

Thumbs up for that. The best advice about drinking is that you shouldn't drink if your stomach is empty.

Unknown said...

hihi, did a meme abt myself since i'm struck in the hotel

Anonymous said...

i want to hear more abt ur stalker lol

Cavalock said...

avaina: lol, ok that would explain all the cleaning up! ha. well, i did post an older pix of me somewhere here.

bla: yah, i learnt that the hard way.

catherine: cool! i'll read it later!

niki: maybe i'll write bout it someday but it's not really as exciting as it sounds.

Anonymous said...

u are awarded in my blog ;)
thanks and happy sunday!!