Sunday, July 23, 2006

Patriotism On A Wash Pole

Holy crap! Its been like four or five days already and it's still out there! At first I figured it was hung out to dry but I'm beginning to think that it's really meant as a flag pole! Well, nothing says 'I'm a Singaporean' better than having the flag hanging on a wash pole right out of a HDB heartland window. Here's another close-up, suitable for all you patriots out there looking for a wallpaper or screensaver. Don't thank me, just doing my bit for the country.


Unknown said...

hmmm... definitely patriotic this family... i mean, first impression was maybe no one was home... but hey... the laundry's changed... save for the flag... =)

is there like a "deck the flat with flag" competition? ;p

imp said...

*giggle* *snigger* *smirk*

Cavalock said...

Well, it’s been a week since I first spotted the ‘flag’ and I believe it’s there.