Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fast Food

Remember how I wanted to make this a food blog when I first started…then I kinda got sidetracked and had other stuff to say, soon it got less and less about food. Well, I do have quite a lot of social commentary stuff to say like the recent mrbrown incident, media censorship etc. I mean I know the guy personally (he’s a nice family guy) and I have seen the inner workings of our local media organizations (hell, I was even on their payroll)…but…*sigh*…it’s exactly because I have seen how ‘things’ are done or ‘taken care of’ (they’ll teach you a thing or two about using every dirty trick in the book to shut you down), that I feel like, what’s the use of complaining? We are nothing more than an alleged first world country with third world internal wirings.

So I figured I’ll just yak about more personal stuff and hopefully a little more on food. I’m not out to win any popularity contest otherwise you’ll see me talking about sex half the time! Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

Anyway, back to more food talk. Looking at me ticket stubs, realized I took seven Shinkansen (bullet train) rides while in Japan recently and here are some pix of my onboard lunch which I bought before boarding. Also bought the seven-day railway pass (in Singapore) so it was unlimited number of rides across the JR lines for me.

I got most of my meals from those terrific department store basement supermarkets. They have the widest and most mouth-watering selection of food ever! It’s summer too and that means lots of cool, icy desserts at almost every corner! Man, I could spend hours just walking around and around each supermarket/food basement.

The last pix below is crab meat with rice and the drink's one of my favorite. Royal Milk Tea by Kochakaden. I wish they have here in Singapore.


Unknown said...

geez... i had nothing better to do[?] than swing by when my tummy's growling... only to have it roar after seeing the photos...

and hey, yes! i do know you... ;p

p.s. okiez... guess that must sound really weird... blame it on the hunger... on the hunger... =)

p.p.s. remember reading that you have downloaded msn messenger... latest version (eight) is much improved... you may want to check it out.

Richard said...

Some governments are better than others, but in the end, free speech is an illusion (regardless of where you live). If the powers that be want to they can exercise extremely powerful coercive forces - simply because in the end they make the rules. Maybe you will be vindicated in the end, but does it matter when your life is destroyed?

HandyGirl said...

hey there...nice blog. now i'm hungry. food really means more than flavour, like how the sense of taste can bring up old memories, or how you can't eat spaghetti for fifteen years cause it was what you ate right before you got the stomach flu when travelling to montreal with your family as a child...i'll come back and visit real soon...the icebox awaits!

imp said...

so nice!! sgp doesn't even have any nice lunch packs like that!

Anonymous said...

awww~ Crab Bento and Royal Milk Tea!? yummy yummy!!!! (^o^);;;
i guess you are a great photographer coz all look better than they are in real lol
arigatoo gozaimasu for introducing japan!!

Cavalock said...

angie: i only downloaded msm at work. anyone who wants to get in touch with me while i'm at home will usually call me on the phone.

richard: And absolute power corrupts...

handy girl: heh. thanks for visiting!

imp: now don't get me started on food presentation and packaging! hah

niki: i thought the pix came out too dark cos when i viewed them on the camera screen, they looked a lot more vibrant. thanks for dropping by! i'll sure to visit your site right soon.

ghee said...

wow!! too envious! you`d rode 7 shinkansens?

you know i love the foods/bentous(lunch boxes) inside the bullet train or express trains.

they will surely please you externally and internally,haha!

you love foods ha?you re a good company then LOL!