Sunday, July 16, 2006

That Time Of The Year

Now I was told that it was the season for Japanese sweet potato when I was there late last month. Is that true? I dunno but I definitely found some great sweet potato snacks at the Tokyo station on my way to Kyoto.

These sweet potatoes are really SWEEEET!!!

Got something (non-food related) to get off me chest. Grrrr....every year around this time (this year it's July 20 to 23 2006) is the annual San Diego Comic Convention. If you are as big a comic book fan as I am, you'll know that it's the biggest comic book convention of the year. It's not some geeky fan boy meeting session but a full-scale billion dollar industry where all the major and minor comic book people plus gaming and entertainment folks meet up and tons of new stuff/projects are revealed. It's serious business.

Ever since the Hollywood started making those blockbuster comic book movies, there's been a huge Hollywood pressence as well. That means lots of movie stars too. Damn, I just wish I could go there just once.

I been dreaming about attending this ever since I was a kid. Now with the Internet, every year I just surf over to look at all the good stuff they got lined up and I just feel sooooo frustrated I can't make it there (for whatever reasons, the reasons change over the years). End rant.


Ally said...

oh dear, if i let my guy read this post, i think he'll be very delighted to make friends with you. haha.

M. said...

haha, i have to agree with the oriental queen as well. my ex- would be happy to meet another fellow comic "manic" :)

imp said...

count me in on the guy part too.

Anonymous said...

awww~ sweet potatoes!!!!!!!
your blog really nicest things in japan! ^^
thanks arigatoo gozaimasu!!
glad yoshitaka amano was in the list of guest.