Friday, July 14, 2006

Sweets For My Sweet

After more than 14 hours at work, I just don't feel like talking/writing/typing much so I figured I'll just post some of my favorite food pix from my last trip to Japan. Damn, I sure as Hell need some major comfort food right now.

Dessert after my full-set dinner at the Ryoken. Anyone interested in seeing the full-set meal?

Just some of yummy pastries I bought back to my hotel room from those department stores' food basements. Yah, those are cherries! Although not as sweet as these cherries.

Chestnut and Green Tea Japanese Mont Blac cakes that are simply to die for!

And when you are on the move during lunch, there's always D-I-Y dessert. Damn, I wish Haagen-Dass brought in flavours like that to Singapore. There's actually little crewy bits in the ice-cream.

Well, I hope this entry wasn't too frightfully boring for those of you without a sweet tooth.


HandyGirl said...

i used to go to an ice cream shop in vancouver that had many flavours, including wasabi. an interesting culinary experience...go figure.

ghee said...

OMG,OMG!! tempting sweets!!

I love them all! and yeah,im interested to see them in full set :)

yeah,that ice cream is sooo tasty :)

imp said...

oh my gosh. the desserts look divine!! man i want to sink my teeth in one now.

Richard said...

A lot of those look incredibly decadent for Asian cuisine.

I remember a Chinese friend telling me that mooncake was very sweet - erm ... not really (at least not to this diabetic in the making).

Anonymous said...

heyyyy!! you are great photographer!!!!
make me sooo hungry(^o^);;;
can i blog this yummy post?
thanks a lottttt!!

Cavalock said...

hi all

handy girl: yah, we have that wasabi ice cream too but i have yet to try it.

ghee: ok, i'll post it in the near future!

imp: heh...i think most singaporean women would go nuts in the food and dessert section of their basement supermarket!

richard: that's right. and mooncake season/festival is coming up soon.

niki: thanks for the kind words!