Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So What's Your Favorite Holiday Movie?

So there I was, flying to Tokyo and scanning all those free in-flight movies, lots of latest ones that I have yet to catch including King Kong and The Pink Panther. I flipped through the movie pages until I saw one of my favourite Xmas movies! It’s a popular movie set during the holiday season in Los Angeles and opens with a crisp Jingle Bell Rock soundtrack. I have watched this movie about a dozen times on TV and it never fails to bring a warm glow to my heart and smirk on my face.

I am of course referring to the hit movie Lethal Weapon starring a young Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. The other favourite Xmas movie of mine is naturally Die Hard. Who can forget that classic line “Ho Ho Ho! Now I have a machine gun!” written on a dead bad guy’s chest. Yes, not many people remember it but those two blockbuster action movies are actually Xmas movies!

Well, I watched it again and what can I say? I still loved almost every minute of it! Hey, those two movies pretty much kicked off a couple of whole new action genres. The familiar buddy cop action genre and the lone-desperate-man-vs-army-of-elite-baddies genre!

I was very tempted to watch it yet again on my return flight but I resisted and picked up Kong instead. And speaking of return flights, there are just SOME of the snacks I brought back with me. Look and drool folks!

From left: Tako ball-flavoured Pretz sticks, Royal Milk Tea (favorite drink!), Green Tea/Red Bean Kit Kats (perfect!) and black sugar candy (not sure what's the actual name).


ghee said...

Yes!! I am drooling!!! LOL!

Hey,I love those 2 movies,too!
Actually,I love american films..now im dying to watch MI3 and Pirates of the Carribean!!

The movies here are shown late,dont u thnk so?

Unknown said...

hmmm... me being me... my vote for christmas movie goes to love actually... ;p

Richard said...

Forbidden Planet

Actually, it is good any time of the year :-)

imp said...

can't say i've got any. but i'm always up for horror any season.

Ally said...

hey i LOVE lethal weapon too! think it's a classic.

Anonymous said...

looks yummy!!! actual name is kachiwari kurotoo (brown suger candy or something??)
sorry i never seen this kachiwari in tokyo ^^