Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Maid In Japan

Awww man, what a sucky day at work and it's just gonna get worse in the coming weeks. Anyway, here's a little hotel souvenir from Kyoto that I just couldn't resist. Hang it outside your bedroom, office door, etc and let the fun begin!

Speaking of maids, check out me new handphone accessory, also from Japan. Bet you won't find this being sold openly here. They got another tied up in a tight little cheongsum too!

Its like Friday morning now as I post this when I actually started writing this on …er….Tuesday? Had a little problem uploading the pix. Like I said, work is pretty crazy right now. Thank goodness for You Tube and Mystery Science Theatre! Best comedy ever! Any fans out there?

Coming up next! The latest on the Wash Pole Flag! It's Week 2 and is it still up there?


Ally said...

i would love to get the one with the cheongsam.

Cavalock said...

yah, its one of those things that i regret not buying more of!