Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Secret Origins Part I: Childhood's End

Ever since I was a little kid, I have always enjoyed watching movies, TV, books, comics, the whole lot. Even listening to the BBC (or was it the local station?) when they would broadcast these soap opera-ish English serials at 2pm in the afternoon after my morning school.

Anyway, one of my favourite parts of all these stories would be the part where the good guy or bad guy would reveal his secret origin or master plan. So I decided hell, why not do a little secret origins myself? Why do I call myself “Child of Order, Servant of Chaos”? Did I really decent into the darkness after being a perfect little angel? Heh, ok maybe that last one was a little over the top.

Now remember whenever a bad guy recites his origin or dastardly plan, you ask yourself ‘can he really be trusted, he is after all the villain and they do lie’. Just a little food for thought there. Heh.

Once upon a time I was born in a pretty much perfect ideal family. We weren’t poor nor were we filthy rich. I was really, really lucky to be surrounded by family members who loved me a lot and took real good care of me (till today, you can’t imagine how grateful I still am). I was truly blessed with a happy childhood and I was a contented little critter. Read comic books, watched cartoons and played with tons of toys. Was left to my own devices and imagination most of the time. I was told that I was a good kid who listened to all my parents and elders. Man, I could spend the whole day talking about how great it was growing up, running around my neighbourhood in Orchard Road but I think it’ll just bore everyone here, that is, if there’s anyone reading this in the first place. On second thought, this whole blog thing is by me and for me, sure as hell didn’t do this to win any fans or anything like that! So hey, I’m gonna take the long route here.

So fast forward to primary school. Back then, I was pretty much an average kid. Average grades, was no star athletic, super genius or anything like that. Good in English but totally sucked at Chinese. Hah! Am only ¾ Chinese, mom’s side (nope, its not Peranakan, Eurasian, Indian or Malay! heh).

Opps….looks like this is taking longer than I thought. Maybe I’ll tell more later. The weird shit, all-hell-breaks-loose, did-he-make-all-this-stuff-up only happened when I started working as an adult so if anyone wants to read about that, they’ll have to stick around for a bit.


Passerby A said...

Wow! That ginormous cake!!!!!You're so lucky to have folks to like cake!

Are you the only child?

Cavalock said...

Hah...was it that obvious?

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

ohhhh how cute. Do you still look like the way you look before?

my mom said I have never changed since i was a baby. and that, mind you, was not a compliment hahaha.

i look too fat as a kid.

Cavalock said...

nah, these days i'm just an old man!

Anonymous said...

wat a cutie!!!!
so ru 1/4 japanese?? :D