Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another Tuesday Nite

So it's that day of the week again. Tuesday nite. Heh...anyway, just noticed that I haven't put any pix up for awhile now. Another round of Tokyu pix? Well, maybe not today. But if anyone out there is wondering, that's my first overseas trip with a digital camera. I got a ton of pix that I ought to start scanning one of these days as soon as I sort them out and bring them down to some photo lab shop or something.

Now I'm thinking what should I do to make this blog thing more interesting? Should I talk about work? Well, I was at a photo shoot this morning and there was this really beautiful overseas female pan asian model, flown in just for a day's shoot. Not that exciting for me cos it's like the millionth shoot that I have been to. So.... how to at least make this entry a little more exciting?

Ah heck, why not? We'll show some poop! Here we have the famous Beware of Bird Droppings poster from Yokohama.

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Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Hey mel...
Thanks for your comforting words in my blog. Really appreciate it. I will be fine....as soon as the dark clouds drift away.

Oh - I am excited about the Neil Gaiman movie production for Stardust. Keep me updated ya... ? :)

Cute blog entry. Sorry I have been so inconsistent in my comments. Have been extremely busy. Hope you don't mind....