Wednesday, March 22, 2006

White Elephants In The House

So I was looking around the apartment the other day and I realised that there's actually a lot of stuff that I bought and never used at all. Kinda like what folks would call 'White Elephants'. Either impulse buys (one of those it-was-a-good-idea-at-the-time moments) or gifts. Managed to round up some of them just for this little entry. There's a lot more where that came from.

1. Sheridan's Coffee Layered Liqueur. Now how could anyone say 'no' to this? Got it last year at Changi Airport Duty Free, back when I was drinking Bailey's with my morning coffee everyday. Really, serious. It looks so cool! It's 'dark, rich coffee liqueur layered with a cool, smooth vanilla cream liqueur'. But these days, I been trying to finish my sack of tea bags (no, I do not add Bailey's to tea, heh!) and cutting back on coffee. Am pretty sure I'll get to one of these days but in the meantime, it's going to sit on the shelf.

2. My big bright orange JLA comic book T-shirt. Got it free for playing in a card game last year, washed it and all but have not worn it. Hmmm...probably wear it soon, I guess.

3. A book on yoga. Got that a couple of years ago. I actually did some self-taught yoga many, many years ago. That was during the aftermath of a breakup with a girl. Did it to forget her and focus some energy elsewhere kinda thing. Later, lent the book to someone who never returned it. Saw another book on yoga, thought 'why not', bought it but never did it. Kinda like that copy of the Kama Sutra I have somewhere in the apartment. Just kidding!


Kay said...

Well, good for ya,not wasting on things dat u've already bought...

the next time u wanna buy something, maybe can think of buying it for me...harhar

make dat cheesecake n oreo quick...can stand the temptations...arrghh!!

Richard said...

I seem to collect things (mostly books) at an alarming rate. My wife wants me to get rid of stuff (especially the books) - but I can't.

Of course, I also buy things because I see a use for them ("Oh, look! A box of stepping motors for only $5.99.")

M. said...

you can make tiramisu with white elephant #1 :)

Cavalock said...

thanks for all the suggestions. its sat today, got a ton of house errands to run. Will probably try baking sunday afternoon!

Richard said...

Ha ha! I find it amusing that you are going to bake ... not that I have anything against it (I do it a lot myself) - but it is one of those incongruous things guys do (my wife's cousin always laughs whenever I cook or back because it is so untypical of men in Peru).

I suppose I laugh because I assume you are Singaporean and my image (perhaps unjustified) is that Singaporen men are pretty macho.

Anyways, good for you. I find a nice white cheesecake with a strawberry of cherry topping is a nice gift to give girls on their birthday.

Cavalock said...

me macho? That's probably the funniest thing i heard all day.