Monday, March 06, 2006

Time For Food

When I first started this blog thing, I wanted it to be about food, baking and stuff like that. But I realised it ain't that easy, for starters I don't usually carry a camera with me whenver I eat out. Then there's also the fact that I don't really know that much about food...yah sure, I love food but to write about it....well, I dunno if I'm up to it...anyway, I'll do what I can and maybe remember to bring my camera next time.

Let's see now... last week, managed to dine at a couple of new places. First was lunch at Menotti at Raffles City. Very crowded during a weekday lunch. Had the linguine with crab meat in tomato-based sauce. Not bad, think it was the first time I ever had pasta in a bowl. Dessert was a little pastry thing. Not that great, I'm afraid.

Was at this famous seafood kopi tiam at Ang Mo Kio called Mellben Seafood for dinner. They have a rather interesting and tasty dish Rojak Chicken which as the name suggests is chicken cutlet doused rojak sauce. Their signature dish is the claypot crab with bee hoon. Damn good.


Cavalock said...

heh...i like to eat like everyone else but am kinda fussy actually. It was me first time at the AMK place, the service was quite fast actually.

Passerby A said...

Get a megapixel phone cam - you need a phone anyway, and it's always going to be in your pocket :)