Tuesday, February 28, 2006

All By Myself

For anyone interested, a quick rundown of what a guy hooked on WOW and living alone does on a weekend.

Since I got back late on Friday nite after drinks at Bobby Rubino’s, I woke up at 9am on Saturday. Threw the week’s laundry into the machine, made breakfast, magic-mopped the apartment, hung up the laundry to dry, cleaned the little indoor fountain and read the papers all by 11pm. Then its time for WOW! Played till 1.30pm then a quick walk to the food centre a blocks away. For my favourite ‘cold shark meat and jelly pork’, it’s a teochew dish that I have always loved since I was a kid.

Then its back home for more WOW till about 4pm. By the way, the weather was freaking windy and hot at the same time. Great for laundry! Took a bus to my folks’ place for dinner. Back home again at about 8pm. Now that Sat nite was supposed to be a big online WOW event, those who play the game will know. The gates will be opened for an invasion and you encounter lots of new creatures, tresures etc. for only 10 hours starting about 9pm. I cleared all appointments for that nite! Anyway tons of players showed up and as expected the server just kept crashing! From 9pm to 9.30pm, I was disconnected over a dozen times! @$%?^!)* gave up and went to bed at about 11pm on a Saturday nite after reading a comic book instead.

Sunday was pretty much the same cept I did some office work at home too. Dinner was the day's highlight! Went to a new Japanese yakitori restaurant Kushigin at Cuppage Plaza, heard good things about it. The chef is from another of my favourite Jap place. They are only open for dinner. I love jap food and sitting by myself at the counter, looking at the chef do his thing. Whether its slicing sushi or grilling those meat sticks, it’s something I enjoy watching. These are the nine sticks I had for a total of $35.55:

Ebi Shiso Maki
Asparagus Maki
Tokusei Tshukune
Uzura Tamago
Kaki Bacon Maki
Nikuzume Shiitake

After that, strolled down to Killery Road NTUC FairPrice to do some quick grocery shopping.

Time for another cool Tokyu pix from last year!


Passerby A said...

I think... you need to find a girlfriend who is a WOW addict so that there will not be any conflicts in your life styles. My brother did that and managed to marry the girl (all while both of them were playing WOW). Hahahaha! Anyway, my sister-in-law is expecting. AND the couple do nothing but play WOW after work and on weekends. I think the poor baby is going to be a WOW addict too :P

Richard said...

WoW may be just the ticket to a job, according to this.