Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dream Lover

Another weird dream last nite. A soap opera-ish one instead of an action adventure. What little I can remember from the dream is only this. In this dream, I’m a student at some campus and I’m married but I’m actually seeing two other female students A and B. Yah, I’m two-timing in my dreams! Now, don’t ask me how they look like cos I have no idea who they are except I think they look good.

There’s one scene that I remember pretty clearly. Student A, who knows I’m married and that I’m also seeing Student B, was approached by B on some student business. After their meeting, A walked up to me and asked me if B knows thatI’m married. I said ‘no’. Then I remember sitting alone at some campus stairway feeling wrecked with guilt. Part of me wants to end the affair but another part of me don’t wanna hurt B. It was a freakin' vivid dream! When I woke up, I had to like spend five seconds asking myself if it was all a dream...

You know, whenever I start dreaming about my old school daze, it’s never a good sign. And to think, I never dated at all during those school daze. Only started dating when I started working but that’s another story for another column.


Elvina aka LaoNiang said... have been naughty and the past has come back to haunt you isn't it???!?!

Or maybe, you have been nursing that secret fantasy all this while in your subconsciousness....stepping on three boats all at once???

Heh heh Heh...... now i KNOW who you really are...... :P

Cavalock said...

Well, don’t think will be having much dreams these night. Too many #@$!&*? mosquitoes keeping me awake!