Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Driven at least one co-worker insane"

Hah, saw this list of 6 weird stuff at Queen's site. Well, why not I guess.

1. Loop-de-loop
When listening to any favorite song, I'll usually put it on loop whether it's on my desktop itunes, old discman or latest nano. I can listen to the very same song looping for hours and hours. Have known to have driven at least one co-worker insane. Here's what I was listening to at work today and this too.

2. Too hot to handle
Despite my origins, I don't do chilli or spicy stuff. End of discussion.

3. Have we met?
I'm very bad with names. Most of my first meetings, the name just goes out my other ear even before I have stopped shaking the other person's hand.

4. Zzzzzzzzz
I'm gifted with the ability to fall almost instantly alseep on just about any sort of public transport.

5. Bullseye
Even though I'm right-handed, I aim with my left eye. That means when discharging any firearm (since army daze) or using a bow (which I used to do), I'll have to use my left hand. It's unusual cos most right-handed people aim with their right eye.

6. Royal pain in the butt
Apparently I have at least one foreign relative (my mom is half-chinese) who is married into royalty, that country's royal family. I'm not close to them at all, well, I am close to only one cousin, so I can't really say how accurate this little factoid is. But I have seen pix of this cousin's wedding and it does feature quite a stellar guest list. No, he's not the one who is supposed to be married into the royal family.

So there you go. Six little kooky facts about me. Now who's next?


Ally said...

haha i do number one too!

imp said...

i share No.5 with you!

B said...

I like this. Definitely gives us an idea of your quirks. And really, quirks are the most interesting aspect of people. I share #1 and #3 with you and close to #4, I get pretty sleepy when I'm riding in a car but not driving. Maybe I'll give this a shot on my blog. Thanks for sharing these!

Anonymous said...

Loop-de-loop is funnyyyy!!
i think i wud be insane too :D

Cavalock said...

hi all!

queen: u know, i wish YouTube has a loop feature too. my life would be complete. ;)

imp: wow! no shit! u are the very first person i know that shares no. 5 with me! sure would like to know how u found it out for yrself.

b: after writing the 6, i realized that i got a lot more quirky stuff! heh...maybe another day.

niki: you should try it! heh

Anonymous said...

cavalock: i thought it so when i realized i first used my left eye to align when doing cartwheels, gymnastics. then when i grew older, i realized my left eye's the 'aiming eye' when i shoot pool, golf and practised with firearms and archery. i write with my right hand, but draw and sketch with my left. :)