Saturday, March 24, 2007

"The all-booze, liquid diet version"

Was at the news stand the other day and noticed something funny. You know how the cover of women's magazines are always promising articles on how to achieve the perfect physical image. Bigger boobs, silkier hair, firmer butts, then you got the whole smoother, whiter skin package etc.. But when you look at guys' magazines, it's all about attaining only one main physical attribute. Now get your mind out of the gutter. I'm talking bout the 6-pack, abs of steel here.

That's right, folks. Guys' magazines only make one common promise on their covers, that the only thing guys need to look good is a washboard stomach and we got a gazillion ways to show you how to get them. Apparently you can bend, stretch, run, swim, dance, sing or (I'm waiting for this one) sleep your way to them in a week. There's probably some liquid, carbo, candy or (another on my wish list) alcohol diet in the works too. Yup, I'm just holding out for the all-booze, liquid diet version.

Just realized that I’m only a coupla more entries to my first 100th post. Kinda reminds of how comic books and TV shows always have something big planned for either their 100th issue or 100th episode.

So what do I have planned? I really don’t know. How bout some big revelation like an updated or clearer photo shot of me? Yah, like anyone would be interested in that. Maybe some deep dark kinky secret? Ought to have some lying around here somewhere. Or finally that long-lost secret origin story. Hmmmmm...


Richard said...

Since I don't read either sort of magazine, I hadn't actually noticed. But, yeah, it probably makes sense.

As for your 100th post ... (I don't recall doing anythign special for mine) ... some people have a "100 Things About Me" meme entry. (Though, I am not sure if it is necessarily their 100th entry)

Jo said...

Hi there. You must have gotten to my site through the Imp. Cooler site you have and I like the updated pic. ;)

Believe me it's so much harder work for us gals. Urgh!

Cavalock said...

richard: Well, don't think i can think of 100 things bout me that would actually interest anyone. hah

jomel: thanks for dropping by! yah, i took the imp route to yr blog! ;)

Anonymous said...

oh Congrats on your 100th post!!!
this is a nice anniversary!
and thank u very much for sharing ur cool pics :)