Monday, July 30, 2007


Alright, here are the food pix like I promised! Since I was there on official work, I couldn't really take my camera out every time we got served. So don't expect too many food pix this time. We'll start with the weird first. For the person who likes bread and noodles, we have the perfect meal for you. Noodles-in-a-bun! Really, it's what you see right here, noodles in a hot dog bun from a local convenience store. Only from Japan!

This is the famous Jyangara or Jangara Ramen in Harajuku. We love it and according to the menu, ex-Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi loves it too.

The last time I was in Japan (exactly a year ago), I had this other new flavour from Haagen-Dass. This year, it's Chardonnay and Raspberry. Not bad but more raspberry than anything else.

Want to know the secret of making it rich here in Asia? Open a donut shop! It's already happening here in Singapore. Now look at the Krispy Kreme Q at Shinjuku. When I was there, the sign said average Q-ing time is 50 mins. Remember now, it's at least 36C in the sun, no shelter and we have men in suits.


Anonymous said...

the ramen looks delicious!
koizumi? ewww he was called as "henjin"(weirdo) lol
yeah yakisoba noodle bun is good..
i never thought of blogging it.
coz it looks soo normal to japanese. haha...

Richard said...

I would not have thought of noodle on a bun because of the carb on carb factor.

I hate queuing up and I am certainly not going to wait 50 minutes to get a donut. If I can't get service in a few minutes, I leave and look elsewhere.

B said...

Noodles on a bun? Dang. I'm with Richard...carb on carb is a bit much for me. I know when Krispy Kreme opened up out here with its first store, it was ridiculous how long people waited. All for a donut! So, what is in the Jyangara Ramen? I'm really not familiar with Japanese cuisine (or any Southeast Asian cuisine for that matter).

AVIANA said...


Thanks for stopping by! It's always great to meet new people in this blog world!

Nice blog! Ramen noodles in a bun? That's too much for me...

Yeah ur post on the rest of the pig dishes is umm....not good! I could not do it....

i don't eat pork anyhow...

Thanks for stopping by with your thoughts. I appreciate it!



Cavalock said...

niki: ah, it's called a yakisoba noodle bun? thanks for the tip! we saw it but were a little spooked by it to actually buy and eat it. lol

richard: i think standing in a loooong Q is more common among asians. we used to have TV shows where its all bout places that attract long Qs!

b: what's in the ramen? i'm afraid i can only ID some of them. u got an egg, pork ribs, some't remember the rest. hehe

aviana: hi! thanks for dropping by! hope u are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

yeah we call it yakisoba-pan.
spooky huh? lololol
kids like to eat them..
i was spooked by ice cream bun in Bangkok tho.
thanks very much!! i think i will wrap myself in a box and send it to SG. good nite!!