Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Gonna jinx it"

This probably one of the best discoveries of the month for me. I been drinking this coffee liquer for months now and it's always with this brand of milk called HL Milk. Then I switched to the occassional Meiji Low Fat Milk which is less sweet but it's fresh milk (a shorter shelf life) unlike HL Milk which although it claims to be one, is actually made from some kinda processed powdered milk.

Anyway one nite I decided to try it with Meiji Low Fat Milk and damn! it was heavenly! The bottle is almost empty now but I got a brand new bottle of Bailey's coming up next.

Now what I'm about to say might not be the best thing to say. What I mean is I feel like simply by mentioning it, I'm probably gonna jinx it. Thing is I might be heading out to Tokyo in a couple of weeks for a four-day photo shoot business trip. BUT there are already more than a handful of problems creeping up. Firstly is the budget, if it gets cut anymore, I ain't going. And right now it's the stormy Tokyo weather too. Hopefully that clears up by the early start of the week. I sure would like to head back to Tokyo but right now it's not looking good.


imp said...

maybe buy saying your worries out here, it breaks the jinx!!!

i hope u get to go! then i get to see the preddy photos posted here!

Anonymous said...

wow meiji looking yummy :)
the rain stopped and typhoon has gone to north.
thanks cavachan and happy weekend from tokyo!!

Ally said...

sigh tokyo! yet to go there!

Cavalock said...

imp: well, i should know by the middle of the week. Keeping my fingers crossed!

niki: thanks niki! I been watching NHK news on cable too! hah

queen: well, IF (bloody big 'IF'!) i do go, it'll be an SQ midnite flight, maybe we'll meet! hah

M. said...

ooh, i hope you get to go. tsukiji - yum!

B said...

I love coffee and coffee flavored concoctions!!