Sunday, July 22, 2007

"It was under the pork"

Here's an interesting gift I got from Hong Kong recently. Charcoal cotton buds, well, I don't think they are exactly cotton anymore. They are pretty solid as in the er, cotton or whatever doesn't come off. And if your ears are really dirty, you can see it against the black! But wait, you are saying 'but won't my ears be black from shoving charcoal into them?' I dunno, I can't see into my own ears.
I Had my first visit to The Marmalade Pantry last nite. Yah, really. Anyway, had the roast pork loin with caramelised sweet potato. Not bad except for the fact that the piece of meat was incredibly thick. Thickest piece of pork I ever had in my life. The sweet potato was great. And there was also a small serving of cabbage that came with it (it was under the pork) and it was done just the way I remembered in the army! Cookhouse flshback! And that's not a bad thing really. It was a little soft and soggy but still quite tasty.


Anonymous said...

haha! it says 'amazing truth' in japanese lololol
interesting post!
The Marmalade Pantry looks better than japanese restaurants. so many varieties of food :)
please email me if u are coming to tokyo. thanks cavachan!!

Anonymous said...

wahahaha. i was at medi-ya for my usual groceries when i saw the black cottonbuds on the shelf! i thought about buying. then decided, nah. don't think i want to gross myself out!!!

PinkHippo said...

Hi, got to know your blog thru niki-chan.

I have lots of fun reading. Will visit you more often. :) I enjoy your food blog...

B said...

very interesting these charcoal swabs. i wonder what the benefit of the charcoal is.

pork loin with carmelized sweet potato? that sounds incredible!

Anonymous said...

aww im sad that u are leaving tokyo now..
hope u enjoyed japan trip!!
take care!!

Richard said...

I take charcoal for diahrrea. But sticking it in my ears? Hmm, I don't tihnk so.

Probably it is supposed to soak up whatever organic badness is in there.

Cavalock said...

sorry for the late replies , folks!

niki: i'm back from Japan! ha

imp: i got more info on the black cottonbuds. will post later!

pinkhippo: hi! thanks so much for dropping by.

b: yah, i like the carmelized sweet potato more than the pork!

richard: yah, i think its supposed to do that too.