Monday, July 09, 2007

"Freaky obese fatboy"

Here’s one of those toxin remover patches that the drug stores here are selling. You stick a patch at the bottom your feet just before you go to sleep and in the morning, it would have gone black by absorbing the toxins from your body. Apparently, it’s a science and it really does remove certain harmful toxins. Now these are pretty expensive, about S$80 for 20 patches I think. I managed to find this at a S$2 budget shop in Vivo City. A pack of 2 patches for only S$2. As you can see, it did turn black the morning after so I guess it did work. I mean, evil black stuff was removed and that ought to be good right? Ah, the wacky stuff a guy does when he’s alone in bed! I might buy more the next time I’m there.

Recently I been thinking a bit about good and evil, order and chaos etc.. Now I’m a big fan of fiction so I have read gazillion stories on good vs. evil. The consequences of one’s dark evil acts as well as the hazards of time traveling but I digress. But seriously, I’m just thinking why didn’t I turn out ‘bad’ while growing up? Why was I a ‘Child of Order’ during my teenage years?

Truth be told, I was a pretty ‘spoilt’ kid. I mean, as the only child in a ‘financially comfortable’ family. Almost anything I wanted I knew I could get (expect that damn chemistry set!) and as a teenager I could have gotten away with a lot of stuff. I could have stayed up all nite every weekend but I didn’t. I grew up along Orchard Road the shopping and party areas, people usedto tell me that if they lived there, they’ll be partying every nite. Er, I don't think so. Then what kept me in check? Why didn’t I go overboard? Till today, I still don’t know. I know there was a very small part of me that really wished to party and all but I didn’t. Well, someone has a theory and I think it’s the closest I heard. ‘Fear’ of disappointing my family cos I really love them and I know it’ll hurt them a lot if I did those stuff. As for my ‘Servant of Chaos’ days when I started working, that’s a story for another day. ;)

Oh yah, thank the stars I wasn’t so into food back then. I think I would have balloned into some freaky obese fatboy! Hah!


Celestine said...

i like ur profile pic.. how did u do it?

Anonymous said...

awww thats Daiso brand, 100 yen lol
never seen this kind. gotta try!
didnt it make your feet itchy?
i like fatboy but not that freaky obese.. haha!!
good boy cava-chan ;)

Anonymous said...

i think i know what chemistry set you're talking about!!!! i got that one! BUT only because i was never into toys. no barbie dolls/dollhouses/ cooking stuff, the sorts. hah!

do those foot toxin remover really work???? i'm quite skeptical. do u feel any different in the morning?

Cavalock said...

celestine: hi there! thanks for dropping by. The pix is from an upcoming issue of Jack of Fables from DC/Vertigo.

niki: hah! its not itchy at all, only a little sticky from the plaster.

imp: well, its supposed to detox yr body after like a couple of weeks of using it (that's why the more expensive boxes have about 20 patches in them). u definitely won't feel any different in the morning but it does 'feel' nice to see that it did remove some nasty black stuff from yr body!

B said...

wow...i've gotta look into those foot patches. you've definitely piqued my curiosity. ridding the body of toxins doesn't sound like a bad thing at all. i'm also really curious about how they work.

interesting observations about behavior. you know, my sister and i are less than 2 years apart and we grew up in the same environment. since she was a baby, she was always "acting out" and i was always very mellow. that's not to say that she was bad and i was good. that's just who we are as individuals. i think experience has a lot to do with it but as i said, we were both inherently different from my earliest childhood memories.

i am always really fascinated by our innate and learned qualities as individuals.

Cavalock said...

b: hey, how bout u email me yr mailing address and if i see anymore of those patches, i'll grab some for u? :)

Anonymous said...

where is ur next post??(^o^)/

B said...

Really? Wow. That is so nice of you to offer. But is it worth it to you? I don't want you to have to go out of your way or anything. :)

Richard said...

Those patches seem pretty cool. Not that I believe they really work. A good sauna session would probably work better.

Fear can be a motivation for people to behave in a certain way. Though, in my case, disappointing my parents was never a motivation. I was always motivated by simply doing what was right, regardless of what everyone else was doing. You could say, I found other people's behaviour irrational.