Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Drinks in the office"

So it's a lazy Sunday. Did a little work and emailed it back to the office. Thought I'll try something new with two of my favourite subjects, toys and food like my last post. Ha, remembered taking some pix with them together here and here as well, thought it was kinda neat.

Anyway, I'm gonna try it again but this time playing some angles and lighting. Ok, a little background on the Vodka Peach. First time I tried it was in the office at our semi-usual informal Friday 5pm 'drinks in the office' session. We mixed it up with ice and cans of Sprite found in the pantry. Well, obviously I liked it a lot otherwise I wouldn't have gone and gotten my own bottle.

Backup Plan 101. I ain't gonna sit on my ass thinking bout it. Come the last weekend of July if I ain't in Japan, I'll be having a games nite at my place with the guys over.


Anonymous said...

the kimono girls is cute. haha~
that is a very nice bottle!!
i cant believe u drink alcohol in the office!?
AC was cut off at 7am!? ohhh that sounds aweful.
stay cool cavachan!!

Celestine said...

thanks for your comment.

i havent tried the absolut peach... sounds great tho. lov peach!

B said...

You know, after a few bad memories with peach schnapps early in college, I really tend to avoid peach cocktails of any kind. But being far removed from those painful schnapps days, this doesn't sound so bad. :)

Cavalock said...

niki: i have yet to open my bottle! yah, usually no AC after 7pm.

celestine: it is pretty good.

b: never tried peach schnapps here. hah