Saturday, November 21, 2020

Cavalock and The Catty Autumn Post

With only a few weeks left before they switched to their winter menu, we managed to get a couple of counter seats at Esora for a taste of their autumn menu. And being the sake fan that she is, the Baker-at-Home made sure we had not one, not two but three carafes of sake to accompany the meal. As expected, every course is a visual treat, just like in September when we had the summer menu. I guess looking forward to a restaurant's seasonal menus is one way us folks here in Singapore can kinda look forward to the changing of seasons. Hah! Anyway favorites this autumn has got to be the crab chawanmushi that's just full of creamy Unami goodness and the chestnut soufflé dessert. Man, I think that's the only Japanese chestnut dessert we are having this year since Tokyo is a no-go. 

You know the neighbour's cat had a hearty breakfast when you see this outside your apartment in the morning. So yah, the cats around my neighbourhood are a rather adventurous lot. Last month I saw this little accident scene on the ground floor. I know it's very unlikely that they caused the potted plant to fall from whichever floor but seeing them basking in the aftermath was pretty funny.

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